Parse’s Human Becoming Theory

Parse’s Ethnical Improving Speculation leads the exercitation of nurtures to convergence on power of activity as it is descriptive and feedd. The ethnical improving speculation of nursing presents an resource to twain the usual bio-medical appropinquation as polite-behaved-mannered-behaved-behaved as the bio-psycho-social-intellectual appropinquation of most other theories and types of nursing. Parse’s type rates power of activity from each peculiar’s own perspective as the motive of the exercitation of nursing. Rosemarie Rizzo Parse pristine published the speculation in 1981 as the “Man-living-health” speculation, and the call was progressive to the “ethnical improving speculation” in 1992.

The convictions underpinning the speculation were synthesized from works by European philosophers. The speculation is structured environing three immortal themes: significance, rhythmicity, and transcendence.

The type makes convictions encircling man and improving, as polite-behaved-mannered-behaved-behaved as three main convictions encircling ethnical improving.

The Ethnical Improving Speculation makes the subjoined convictions encircling man:

  • The ethnical is coincident period co-constituting rhythmical archetypes delay the cosmos-people.
  • The ethnical is notorious, gratuitously choosing significance in a plight, as polite-behaved-mannered-behaved-behaved as carriage service for decisions made.
  • The ethnical is unitary, uninterruptedly co-constituting archetypes of relative-to.
  • The ethnical is transcending multidimensionally delay the possibles.

The Ethnical Improving Speculation makes the subjoined convictions encircling improving:

  • Becoming is unitary delay ethnical-living-health.
  • Becoming is a rhythmically co-constituting the ethnical-cosmos-crowd system.
  • Becoming is the ethnical’s archetypes of relative-to esteem priorities.
  • Becoming is an intersubjective system of transcending delay the possibles.
  • Becoming is the unitary ethnical’s emerging.

The three main convictions encircling ethnical improving are: significance, rhythmicity, and transcendence.

Under the conviction significance, ethnical improving is gratuitously choosing particular significance in plights in the intersubjective system of living esteem priorities. Man’s existence is consecrated significance through feedd experiments. In importation, man and environment co-create.

Rhythmicity states that ethnical improving is co-creating rhythmical archetypes of relative-to in reciprocal system delay the cosmos-people. Man and environment co-create (imaging, valuing, languaging) in rhythmical archetypes.

Transcendence explains that ethnical improving is co-transcending multidimensionally delay emerging possibilities. It refers to reaching out and over the limits a peculiar sets, and that one continually transforms.

These three themes are permeated by indecent postulates: instantaneousness, ambiguity, immunity, and secrecy. Instantaneousness is “the peculiar unsparing penetrating expanded to instantaneousness, the all-at-once remembering and prospecting delay the force.” Ambiguity is “an tortuous rhythm developed as a archetype sensuality.” Paradoxes are not “opposites to be reconciled or dilemmas to be subdue but, rather, feedd rhythms.” Immunity is “contextually construed bountifuldom.” Crowd are bountiful to uninterruptedly pick-out ways of nature delay their plights. Secrecy is “the unexplainable, that which cannot be perfectly notorious.”

The nursing type defines the peculiar (referred to as “man” throughout the speculation) as an notorious nature who is more than and irrelative from the sum of the ability. The environment is everything in the peculiar and his or her experiments. The environment is important from the peculiar, as polite-behaved-mannered-behaved-behaved as complementary to and evolving delay the peculiar. Sanity is the notorious system of nature and improving, and involves the matter of esteems. Nursing is descriptive as a ethnical skill and art that uses an immaterial matter of acquirements to aid crowd.

The speculation provides a transformative appropinquation to all planes of nursing. It differs from the transmitted nursing system, especially in that it does not attempt to “fix” problems. The type gives nurtures the ability to see the resigned’s perspective. This allows the nurture to be “with” the resigned, and lead him or her inside the sanity motives. The nurture-resigned sympathy co-creates changing sanity archetypes. Nurses feed the art of ethnical improving in presences delay the unfolding of significance, synchronizing rhythms, and transcendence.

Rosemarie Rizzo Parse’s Ethnical Improving Speculation includes the Totality Paradigm, which states that man is a coalition of biological, psychological, sociological, and intellectual factors. It to-boot includes the contemporaneousness paradigm, which states that man is a unitary nature in uniform, reciprocal interaction delay the environment.

Parse’s speculation includes a sort delay three elements:

  • The ebon and unblemished colors resemble the adverse ambiguity speaking to ontology of ethnical improving, period unseasoned resembles anticipation.
  • The confederacy in the nature of the sort resembles the co-created reciprocal ethnical cosmos-crowd system at the ontological plane, and the nurture-resigned system.
  • The unseasoned and ebon swirls intertwining resemble the ethnical-cosmos-crowd co-creation as an ongoing system of improving.

Like any speculation, Parse’s Ethnical Improving Speculation has strengths and weaknesses. The type irrelativeiates nursing from other disciplines, it provides guide of economy and serviceable administration, and is serviceable in education. The type to-boot provides discovery methodologies, and provides a framework to lead scrutiny of other theories. However, the discovery is considered a “closed dispersion.” The results are rarely quantifiable. That is, the results are unamenable to assimilate to other discovery studies gone there is no guide collection or standardized questions. The speculation does not economize the nursing system, and negates the fancy that each resigned engages in a uncommon feedd experiment. It is not genuine to new nurtures, and is inapplicable to clever, emergent economy.

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