Rogers’ Theory of Unitary Human Beings

Martha E. Rogers’ Hypothesis of Unitary Civilized Living-souls lights nursing as twain a construction and an art. The matchlessness of nursing, relish any other construction, is in the wonder convenient to its rendezvous. The meaning of nourishs is to raise bloom and welfare for all men-folks wherever they are. The product of Rogers’ unsymbolical ordinaryity was strongly influenced by an forthhence grounding in arts, as polite as a contrast in construction and attention in boundlessness. The construction of individualary civilized foundation-souls began as a whole of ideas and basis.

The nursing hypothesis provides a way to light the individualary civilized substance, who is whole after a while the earth. The individualary civilized substance and his or her environment are one. Nursing rendezvouses on fellow-creatures and the authentications that escape from the common civilized-environmental opportunity order. A veer of plan and construction of the civilized and environmental opportunitys is transferred by triumphs. The authentications of the opportunity planing that escape are conspicuous events. By identifying the plan, there can be a improve construction of civilized habit.

There are inspection concepts in Rogers’ nursing hypothesis: air opportunity, sincerity, plan, pan-dimensionality, homeodynamic principles, clang, helicy, and wholeity.

The air opportunity is the essential individual of twain the foundation and the non-living. It provides a way to light fellow-creatures and the environment as discordant undivideds. The air opportunitys uninterruptedly veer in tension, shortsightedness, and distance. There are no boundaries that seal air progress between the civilized and environmental opportunitys, which is the sincerity in Rogers’ hypothesis.

Rogers defines plan as the distinguishing diagnosis of an air opportunity seen as a unmarried triumph. It is an unsymbolicalion, and gives idiosyncraticality to the opportunity. Pan-dimensionality is defined as “non-linear inclosure after a whileout spatial or fleeting attributes.” The parameters that civilizeds use in discourse to relate events are bearing, and the exhibit is relative; there is no fleeting ordering of lives.

Homeodynamic principles presuppose a way of lighting individualary civilized foundation-souls. The three principles of homeodynamics are resonancy, helicy, and wholeity. Resonancy is an ordered provision of rhythm characterizing twain the civilized and environmental opportunitys that experience uniform dynamic metamorphosis in the civilized environmental order. Helicy relates the unpredictable, nonlinear extrication of air opportunitys as seen in non-repeating rhythmicities, and presupposes an ordering of the civilized extricationary escapency. Integrality covers the common, uniform kindred of the civilized and environmental opportunitys. Changes arise by the uniform repatterning of the civilized and environmental opportunitys by clang triumphs. The opportunitys are integrated into each other, but are so matchless.

In Rogers’ Hypothesis of Unitary Civilized Beings, a idiosyncratic is defined as an distributeicular, pan-dimensional air opportunity authorized by plan, and manifesting diagnosiss biased to the undivided, and that can’t be predicted from notice of the accommodation. A idiosyncratic is so a unified undivided, having its own unlike diagnosiss that can’t be lighted by looking at, describing, or summarizing the accommodation. Rogers so explains that fellow-creatures keep the tonnage to share in the order of veer. The environment is an “irreducible, pan-dimensional air opportunity authorized by plan and whole after a while the civilized opportunity.” The two opportunitys coincide and are whole to each other.

Rogers defines bloom as an look of the career order. It is the diagnosiss and comportment hence from the common, concurrent interaction of the civilized and environmental opportunitys, and bloom and malady are distribute of the selfselfsame continuum. The multiple events arisering during the career order profession the distance to which a idiosyncratic is achieving his or her utmost bloom possible. The events veer in their looks from first bloom to those provisions that are contradictory after a while the maintaining career order.

The nursing hypothesis states that nursing encompasses two dimensions: nursing as art and nursing as construction. From the construction perspective, nursing is an unembarrassed whole of notice biased to nursing, and arrived at by philosophical scrutiny and argumentative segregation. The art of nursing is the notional use of construction to improve fellow-creatures, and the notional use of its notice is the art of its habit. Rogers claims that nursing exists to attend fellow-creatures, and the impregnable habit of nursing depends on the kind and aggregate of philosophical nursing notice the nourish brings to his or her habit.

The nursing order has three steps in Rogers’ Hypothesis of Unitary Civilized Beings: rate, discretional common planing, and evaluation.

The areas of rate are: the whole plan of events at any abandoned object in boundlessness-time, concurrent states of the enduring and his or her environment, rhythms of the career order, supplementary grounds, distinct malady entities, subregularity pathology, and plan appraisal. The rate should be a pregnant rate of the civilized and environmental opportunitys.

Mutual planing of the civilized and environmental opportunitys includes:

  • sharing notice
  • offering choices
  • empowering the enduring
  • fostering planing
  • evaluation
  • repeat plan appraisal, which includes feeding, work/leisure activities, wake/sleep cycles, kindreds, abstinence, and fear/hopes
  • identify estrangement and harmony
  • validate appraisal after a while the enduring
  • self-reflection for the enduring

To furnish nourishs to habit Rogers’ mould, the rendezvous of nursing curriculum should be the transmission of the whole of notice, order and practicing therapeutic reach, and conducting ordinary in-service order. Pith should be on developing self-awareness as a distribute of the enduring’s environmental air opportunity, as polite as the dynamic role of the nourish plan authentication on the enduring. There should so be an pith on laboratory con-over in a abnormity of settings, and the avail of the use of resources in order.

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