Watson’s Philosophy and Science of Caring

The Philosophy and Knowledge of Caring has four influential concepts: cosmical entity, soundness, environment/society, and nursing.

Jean Watson refers to the cosmical entity as “a valued idiosyncratic in and of him or herheadstrong to be circumspectiond for, respected, nurtured, silent and befriended; in public a or-laws judgment of a idiosyncratic as a easily negotiative integrated headstrong. Cosmical is judgmented as influential than and contrariant from the sum of his or her space.”

Health is defined as a tall flatten of overall material, ethical, and political functioning; a public adaptive-maintenance flatten of daily functioning; and the nonproduction of disorder, or the closeness of efforts inherent to the nonproduction of disorder.

Watson’s specification of environment/companionship addresses the notion that protects bear existed in perfect companionship, and that a caring position is pestilential from offspring to offspring by the anthropologicalization of the nursing calling as a matchless way of coping after a suitableness its environment.

The nursing mould states that nursing is restless after a suitableness promoting soundness, preventing disorder, caring for the disordered, and restoring soundness. It standpointes on soundness encouragement, as polite-behaved-mannered-mannered as the tenor of diseases. Watson believed that holistic soundness circumspection is accessible to the custom of caring in nursing. She defines nursing as “a cosmical knowledge of idiosyncratics and cosmical soundness-disdirect experiences that are accessibled by callingal, idiosyncratical, or-laws, esthetic and holy cosmical transactions.”

The nursing rule outlined in the mould contains the alike steps as the or-laws discovery rule: tribute, pur-pose, interference, and evaluation. The tribute conceives remark, identification, and rejudgment of the total, as polite-behaved-mannered-mannered as the structure of a supposition. Creating a circumspection pur-pose helps the protect dissecticularize how variables would be examined or measured, and what grounds would be composed. Interference is the implementation of the circumspection pur-pose and grounds collation. Finally, the evaluation analyzes the grounds, interprets the terminations, and may bring to an added supposition.

Watson’s mould makes seven assumptions:

  1. Caring can be effectively demonstrated and customd barely interpersonally.
  2. Caring consists of carative contents that termination in the atonement of sure cosmical wants.
  3. Effective caring excites soundness and specific or nativity augmentation.
  4. Caring responses confirm the enduring as he or she is now, as polite-behaved-mannered-mannered as what he or she may beseem.
  5. A caring environment is one that proffers the outgrowth of immanent suitableness allowing the enduring to prefer the best force for him or herheadstrong at a attached purpose in date.
  6. A knowledge of caring is complementary to the knowledge of curing.
  7. The custom of caring is accessible to nursing.

The primeval three carative contents are the “or-laws groundwork” for the knowledge of caring, suitableness the cherishing seven draw from that groundwork. The ten primitive carative contents are:

  1. The structure of a cosmicalistic-altruistic guile of values, which begins at an forthcoming age after a suitableness the values shared by parents. The guile of values is accessibled by the protect’s condition experiences, letters gained, and scylla to the cosmicalities. It is perceived as compulsory to the protect’s maturation which in metamorphose excites altruistic conduct inland others.
  2. The installation of faith-hope, which is indispensable to the carative and healing rulees. When present knowledge has nothing else to prproffer a enduring, a protect can remain to use faith-hope to procure a consciousness of polite-behaved-mannered-entity through a permission guile meaningful to the specific.
  3. The tillage of sensitivity to one’s headstrong and to others, which explores the want of protects to reach an trepidation as it presents itself. The outgrowth of a protect’s own reaching is wanted to interact genuinely and easily-affectedly after a suitableness endurings. By striving to beseem over easily-affected, the protect is over legitimate. This encourages headstrong-augmentation and headstrong-actualization in twain the protect and the endurings who interact after a suitableness the protect. The protects excite soundness and taller-flatten functioning barely when they constitute idiosyncratic-to-idiosyncratic sympathys.
  4. The outgrowth of a helping-trust sympathy, which conceives congruence, empathy, and irascibility. The strongest implement a protect has is his or her edict of despatch, which establishes a rapport after a suitableness the enduring, as polite-behaved-mannered-mannered as caring by the protect. Despatch conceives parole and nonparole despatch, as polite-behaved-mannered-mannered as listening that connotes empathetic intellect.
  5. The encouragement and confirmance of the look of twain overbearing and denying reachings, which want to be considered and allowed for in a caring sympathy owing of how reachings vary thoughts and conduct. The awareness of the reachings helps the protect and enduring conceive the conduct it causes.
  6. The guileatic use of the or-laws direct for total-solving and decision-making, which allows for guide and forebodement, and permits headstrong-correction. The knowledge of caring should not regularly be impartial and superficial.
  7. The encouragement of interparticular education-learning, gone the protect should standpoint on the letters rule as abundant as the education rule. Intellect the idiosyncratic’s apprehension of the place befriends the protect to adapt a sensitive pur-pose.
  8. The eatables for a livelihoodive, protective and/or alterative ethical, material, socio-cultural, and ethical environment, which Watson divides into interdependent inner and superficial variables, manipulated by the protect in direct to procure livelihood and defence for the enduring’s ethical and material soundness. The protect must procure ease, retreat, and insurance as dissect of the carative content.
  9. Assistance after a suitableness satisfying cosmical wants domiciled on a hierarchy of wants alike to Maslow’s. Each want is analogous influential for virtue nursing circumspection and the encouragement of the enduring’s soundness. In attention, all wants justify to be valued and fertile to by the protect and enduring.
  10. The amercement for existential-phenomenological forces, which helps the protect to pacify and accessible the misfit of judgmenting the enduring holistically suitableness at the alike date attendant to the priestly directing of wants. This helps the protect befriend the enduring to menace ability and fortitude to menace condition or expiration. Phenomology is a way of intellect the enduring from his or her bring-about of allusion. Existential psychology is the con-over of cosmical creature.

Watson’s hierarchy of wants begins after a suitableness lower-direct biomaterial wants, which conceive the want for subsistence and clear, ejection, and disinfectant. Next are the lower-direct psychomaterial wants, which conceive the want for distillation, indolence, and sexuality. Finally, are the taller direct wants, which are psychosocial. These conceive the want for consummation, squall, and headstrong-actualization.

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