Nursing philosophy Essay

Nursing Philosophy essay
Nursing Philosophy essay

Nursing philosophy essay is really a difficult and personal idea since it needs combination of various character traits and abilities. It is a combination of values, beliefs, guidelines that are applied in practice.

Personally, nursing philosophy entails uprightness, understanding, and socially sensitive concern to both ill people and their family. However, all sick people require not only care, but also a person who can lead them, teach them, supporter, provider and manager. This tells us that a patient requires full-fledged boost in every fields of life so as to recover as quickly as possible. Nursing entails understanding in every level, be it emotional, scientific, and so on. Nursing needs similar characters like a wish to learn the complete life, being ready to acquire new knowledge and being responsible.

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Nursing philosophy Essay
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When talking about my individual nursing philosophy, I must apply three major ideas: person, surroundings, nursing and health. I will attempt and describe the reason in this nursing philosophy paper.

Somebody in nursing philosophy is evident since nursing is care on people. Patient is focal point of nursing. It is also very crucial to mention that approach to the person is supposed to be complete. This translates that nursing does not only concern curing a single disease, but the complete person, considering every facet of the patient’s life.

Surrounding is crucial since individuals exist in it and relate with it closely. Nursing is challenging if you do not consider how the surroundings affects us, our relatives and health.

Health is the following idea of great importance. Health is not still. It is a very extensive condition that relies on various internal and external aspects. It shifts from wellness to sickness, caused by surroundings.

Nursing. This is the last and the greatest obvious measure of nursing philosophy. Nursing needs understanding and being connected with an ill person right here. I am a nurse and I work in a hospital and I understand that we the nurses are to supposed to be attentive to all feeling and information surrounding the patient. The issued surrounding the patient and a nurse is to understand how all that can be felt, smelt, touched and perceived can affect patients state.

Personal philosophy of nursing essay

This entails observations of a person’s beliefs, guidelines, and morals with direct practice. My individual philosophy started with trying to get solutions to few questions like, “How important is nursing to me” and “what is my guiding practice” So as to describe my individual philosophy of nursing, I will highlight a few of the crucial ideas of my theory. The two pairs of meta-paradigms of nursing are nursing process, the use of nursing philosophy to my current nursing practice, research, administrations, and education and lastly my philosophy’s powers and weaknesses.

Important ideas of my nursing philosophy

My nursing philosophy is categorized by complete, concerned and culturally subtle care to every patient and their families. It is important to me to be a patient supporter, worker, teacher, administrator, and spearhead and leader since I think that the nurses are supposed to provide the best quality nursing care so as to complete perfect patient’s results. As far as am concerned regarding the empathy and attempting to comprehend human beings on every emotional, physical and scientific standard. As an experienced nurse, I feel individual dedication toward life-long studying, via formal education and hands-on knowledge to develop myself and my nursing comprehension.

Meta-paradigms ideas

My individual nursing philosophy symbolizes the field of nursing with the help of the two pairs of meta-paradigms ideas: Person, health, nursing and environment. Firstly, I understand that the occupation of nursing entails people. Care comprises the complete patient, and not only one illness or health apprehension treated in differently from the whole. Our complete perceptions consider every aspect of ill people’s life, and enable the best quality of life to life to our patients. Moreover, while people are focused to nursing, it is also important to search above the sick people to the surroundings in which he/she lives. This is so crucial since people are affiliates of a bigger community with various features and characteristics that hugely affect our patients, hence it is impossible to remove patients from their surroundings since they are connected.

Thirdly, I understand that health is a vibrant state that occurs on a range from wellness to sickness and changes in responses to the factors that surrounds us. Health is more about excellence of life. I am an employee at a hospital where I normally come across patients that have gone through trauma in their lives or agonize from several chronic and severe physical and mental health situations. Finally, I think that nursing includes being with personal patients or families and being connected in the moment. Every day, nurses go through various conditions that need our skills to make meaning of a sick person’s condition, like, bestowing importance to those things that can be felt, seen, listened, touched, smelled, or fantasized our personal connection with the sick people. This procedure of being involved in an important connection needs us as nurses be aggressively involved.

The nursing procedure

The nursing procedure applies a complete, sick-focused care and challenges getting a solution in association with sick people and their families. Each person has various requirements, and so needs a diverse plan of action. Care is supposed to be arranged in line to every person or people involved that is the reason we apply nursing procedure. This procedure assists us to arrange our plans well that will accommodate the requirements of our patients. While we always perceive that a nurse works with a person, we forget that as nurses our work is to assist families and people in the community too. We can give direct attention to our patients, and apply subsidiary care for families and communities.

The nursing procedure is a perfect way of taking care of every patient’s certain requirements. The initial step in providing nursing care is evaluation. This is an orderly and active way to assemble and assess data regarding the sick person. In addition, the nursing analysis is the nurse’s clinical decision regarding the customer’s response to real or possible health situations or requirements.

The diagnosis shows that the patient is not only in pain, but also that the pain has resulted to other challenges like anxiety, poor nutrition, and quarrels with family, or has the possibility to cause complications like respiratory problems is a potential risk to a halted patient. The diagnosis is the foundation for the nurse’s care plan. Thirdly, in regard to evaluation and diagnosis, the nurse aligns assessable and attainable short-and-long term goals for this sick person that may include shifting from the bed and back to a chair for not less than three times a day, upholding enough nutrition by feeding smaller, more regular meals; deciding chaos via counseling, or dealing with pain via enough medication.

Then application occurs. Nursing care is executed in line to the care plan, so stability of care for the sick person during hospitalization and in provision for liberation requires to be guaranteed. Lastly, assessment ends this procedure.  The usefulness of the nursing care is supposed to be endlessly assessed and the care plan adjusted as required.

Application to Current Nursing Practice and Education

My individual belief structure has always been to be concerned and caring. In the nursing career you require to have big amount of concern and look after your patients and their relatives. You are not only taking care of the fleshly health, but also individual impassive requirements. For instance, I carry out my duties in a measurement and hospital surgical ground where at times I take care of severely sick patients, and there are various complex sensitive matters that require to highlighted and addressed by the medical care expert. I noted that these patients, immediately you figure your shape your bonding and trust, are the more humble and well-ordered patients to work with. We take more of our time just speaking about life and their likes and though we are still handling their medicinal requirements, we are boosting them passionately more always than not.

So as to conduct this kind of nursing you are supposed to have more sympathy and compassion. Additionally, we require taking a closer look at our community and the major medical care challenges we are experiencing.  It is crucial that we study about medical challenges like health difficulties that our patients are bringing forward. The number one bases of death in this nation are illnesses or circumstances that are lifestyle choices. We require focusing on goodness of the population, rather than being treatment positioned like a medical care system. If, as nurses, we succeed in medical promotion education, then we are carrying out our duties as to the best of our skills.

Strengths and limitations

There is no perfect person in this world. But God has given everyone exceptional strengths that can be well used to prevent setbacks or feebleness, and stay a successful life. I think have several strengths that have permitted me to show myself as among the best in discipline of nursing. Personal confidence is a crucial strength that boosted me in accommodating challenges throughout my profession and goals were accomplished through individual discipline and passionate maturity. This is my other authoritative power. On the other hand, it is very crucial that a person is supposed to include her flaws in such a manner that it might turn into strengths.

Also, I am so selfless; this mostly looks like a weakness in this irrational and selfish world. Although, every strength and flaw have made me a steady and genuine nurse, who can introduce a few changes in this occupation. I have served as a nurse for a year, and I like handling various patients. As we speak it is my greatest desire to go on with learning process. Because I understand I love souls, to look after them physically and in every area of life, I can attain this successfully as a registered nurse.