Nursing Report Essay

nursing report essay
nursing report essay

The procedure of the nursing report essay writing is a rather antique one. Definitely, this method was applied before Nightingale nursing era. There are reports containing such prescribed transfer mechanisms in Chaucer and other ancient writings. The nursing career has changed a lot over the time. The necessities, demands and certainly the process used in the providing of nursing report. This has also changed and has become more formal. The issuing of report may be a very important process on various levels. Clearly there is the conveying of data between participants of the nursing team. Though, the report has the probability of serving more important purposes like improving team connection. This is also the cause of perfect working exercise and improving patient closeness between the whole team.

This can also play the role of a forum for the trading of ideas between expert members of the staff. More sources propose that the team pressure encountered by the nurse student entries can change their individual exercise through detecting the focus to information as the report is delivered.

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We understand that the process has “the possibility” for these tenacities. Like with every procedure that that include human effort there is unavoidable self-motivation variability of the procedure. It is rarely flawless and several studies have indicated that its level and context can differ across a range from perfect to terrible.

If we reflect on the evidence base for this report, we can acquire boost from two important studies that has been finished. The two writers fortunately generated studies that were published in 1992. The last study was arranged in way that it reviewed the working of the elements of the nursing report. This takes place in different big health centers for a space of three months. It then provided a streak of learning on refining the context and submission of reports; and then reviewed the staff performance using a similar set of evaluation factors.

The nursing essay report is long and detailed and also it is mostly analytical. To summarize the results of the original part of the nursing report essay we can say the final results that the first reports were found to be:
  • Highly work oriented and the workers always talked about the patients’ behavior in unclear and overall terms without communicating any given or important details.
  • The writers went on to remark about the arrangement that was often absent or insignificant and the nursing procedure was rarely in evidence.
  • After the expert response meetings, another evaluation period indicated a clear transformation to the essential nature of the reports to a point that the involved the statement that there were:

More messages from every report after the intercession in contrast to the control ward. And the details with the psychosocial context and increased. This was indicated in a bigger gratitude and fulfillment on the area of receiving nurses and a noticeable growth in team empathy.

We understand that the writer specified that in arranging the mid-section learning period they use the research efforts of Orlando. He glazed the important components of the nursing report into the simple ideas of “prioritization, communication and exhibition abilities, together with training of the crucial elements of the real nursing report essay”

Nursing report essay writing from nursing essays

The Ljukkonen essay has same results although it was set in a pair of nursing home for aged people where the writers established that the little turnover in sick people was the main reason for deterioration in nursing report levels observed. The absence of vital group pressure was also deliberated to be a great important issue.

The comments given by Yura, in the beginning of this nursing report essay contains their source in this essay. Charboyer(2001) increases them more with the idea that a “ crucial portion of the nursing procedure “ is the capacity to interrelate with every member of the nursing team, in terms of hearing and conveying ideas.

The two essays efficiently stance the unclear question “just what components are preferably needed in the final nursing report essay”. We can get details from the Kihlgren essay that combined the essays of both Orlando and Dugan.

He reviewed the important components of the nursing report essay and classified them as:

  • Prioritizing care and sick people requirements
  • Communication abilities
  • Non-judgmental method

The forerunners of these components were originally started in a paper printed by Orlando in 1987. He recommended that it was a crucial work of the nursing procedure to consider the requirements of the patient first after noting them and applies these supposed requirements to prompt and arrange a good course of action that might be included in the official nursing report. He accepted that such a review was a task of the individual and exclusive relation between sick people and health care expert. It also suggests that nurses are supposed to apply their communication and methodical abilities to deliver their evaluation to the expert co-workers.

These ideas finally changed into Orlando’s preposition that the “support of the nursing report “would be this evaluation and prioritizing of the sick people apparent requirements and their arrangement in an orderly manner.  Orlando summarizes his initial essay with a comment that this idea is supposed to be pronounced and altered in accordance with the sick person’s disease trajectory at every consecutive nursing report so that the given aims can be attained as fast as possible.

We have generated initial reference to the significance of good communication abilities in the nursing report. This comes from our last deliberations that the communication prowess should also preferably be in confirmation between healthcare experts and the patient so as the nursing report to have utmost importance. The significance of this comment can be evaluated from the truth that interactive communication is taken to be among the six crucial qualities in consideration of maximum individual efficiency in the “current nurse manager”.


The characters and shortages in the part of communication generally, noticed by Ljkkonen and Kihlgren, were deliberated in lengthy by Heinmann-Knoch. He evaluated the subject in direct connection to the nursing report in detail and proceeded to recommend the mechanisms through which such shortages could be handled.  If we agree, like Davis pronounces, that passing information is a proficiency that is rarely inborn or completely spontaneous.

Other writers hold to the fact that other mutual flaws of the nursing report involve components like stereotyping or judgmentalism. When such components are detected they evidently not only go beyond expertise boundaries but also decent and moral boundaries also.

Eye contact is always an underestimated component of expert connection either between nurses themselves or them and their patients. Eye contact suggests that focus and respect can communicate certain degree of authority and compliance in the pecking order. Likewise lack of eye contact might indicate ignorance, misperception, insignificance, and incompetence. As a communication tool it might be used to benefit by the accomplished expert nurse both to provoke details from sick people and also to make sure concentrating listening in the nursing report condition.

Body language is another always ignored component in the art of passing information. It has not received a great deal of obvious inspection in the peer evaluation medical press although many professional people healthcare experts would verify to its value in both provoking and transmitting details. There is significant body of evidence to propose that body language and nonverbal communication has a greater capability to communicate in connection to the sincerity of the speaker than the words they are applying. Similarly it might be applied to the advantage when attempting either to provoke or conquer a response from the recipient.

Importance of nursing report essay writing

A nursing report essay is an article that health practitioner hands over to others at shift change to allow them understand the sick person’s state. It might also be a report describes something during a legal exploration. A report given during a patient transfer to a different unit in a health facility is important because another team will take over the care.

Some health practitioners refer to reports that they generate to submit when they complete their shift as a boost. The conversation is always at provision where other people will not hear conversation about it to get patient details.

Significance of Nursing Report essay writing

Delivering a nursing report is an important action in nursing. It is supposed to be precise making it important for nursing scholars to learn from school days.

  • Guides patient care

A nurse at the beginning of a change might not know the health condition of a patient. Taking care of a sick person without all the crucial details can cooperation safety and care. A report during shift of a sick person from a nurse to other offers a chance to understand the information, ask questions and receive explanations for matters that are not clear. It is a reason why all nursing included in patient care involving the scholar nurses offered a report on the patients that they care during shift. Healthcare services may have faintly dissimilar policies for providing reports, but they all have same basics.

Successful patient participation and safety

A heritage of safety is important for preserving safety in healthcare environment. It needs a communication with the sick person, other healthcare practitioners and family regarding features of care, treatment and also services. A well generated nursing report essay attains the unique purpose to make sure a safe shift between nurses. It also permits participation of the sick people and family. The cultural transfer of variation of shift reports was at the deficiency of the sick person at the nurse’s station.  

Research indicates satisfying our reports at a nurse’s station makes the work to appear very safe. Research says removes that alone time and permit the sick people to feel involved by nurses as part of healthcare. Nurses are typically the first among those look after the sick person’s safety and composing a bedside report in an important part of their care plan. A nurse is responsible for passing information at the alteration at the change of shift report and will make an effort to prove patient data around these issues:

  • Health history
  • Physical evaluation
  • Plans of care involving the arranged medication

At this moment a sick person might ask questions and set goals both short and long term with the nurse. This kind of report assists to add communication and guarantees nurse responsibility.