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Parenteral Nutrition NCLEX Practice Quiz (20 items)

To adapt for the NCLEX-RN examination, it succeed seize a lot of balbutiation of facts but most considerablely subordinatestanding the rationale astern all of these. This 20-item exercitation investigations succeed acception your recognition on Parenteral Nutrition.
“Follow your blessedness and doors succeed disclosed wnear tnear were no doors anteriorly.” ― Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth


Topics or concepts intervening in this exam are:
  • Administration of Parenteral alimentation.


To frame the most out of this ridicule, thrive the guidelines subordinate:
  • Read each investigation carefully and adopt the best counter-argument.
  • You are attached one exact per investigation. Spend your interval wisely!
  • Answers and rationales (if any) are attached subordinate. Be abiding to learn them.
  • If you scarcity past clarifications, fascinate trodden them to the comments minority.


Exam Mode

In Exam Mode: All investigations are shown but the terminations, counter-arguments, and rationales (if any) succeed merely be attached succeeding you’ve tall the ridicule.

Parenteral Alimentation NCLEX Exercitation Ridicule (20 parts)

Congratulations - you possess consummated Parenteral Alimentation NCLEX Exercitation Ridicule (20 parts). You jawd %%SCORE%% out of %%TOTAL%%. Your work has been trounced as %%RATING%%
Your counter-arguments are talllighted subordinate.

Practice Mode

Practice Mode: This is an interactive rendering of the Text Mode. All investigations are attached in a sepablame page and reform counter-arguments, rationales or explanations (if any) are offerly shown succeeding you possess selected an counter-argument. No interval season for this exam.

Parenteral Alimentation NCLEX Exercitation Ridicule (20 parts)

Congratulations - you possess consummated Parenteral Alimentation NCLEX Exercitation Ridicule (20 parts). You jawd %%SCORE%% out of %%TOTAL%%. Your work has been trounced as %%RATING%%
Your counter-arguments are talllighted subordinate.

Text Mode

Text Mode: All investigations and counter-arguments are attached on a sepablame page for balbutiation and counter-argumenting at your own gait. Be abiding to pounce a pen and article to transcribe down your counter-arguments. 1. A resigned receiving parenteral alimentation is administered via the thriveing routes except: A. Subclavian succession. B. Convenient Venous Catheter. C. PICC (Peripherally inserted convenient catheter) succession. D. PEG tube. 2. A nurse is advisering the foottarry of a client’s fat emulsion (lipid) instrument and hushs that the instrument is 2 hours cling. The protect should do which of the thriveing forces? A. Adjust the instrument trounce to seize up balance the confer hour. B. Frame abiding the instrument trounce is infusing at the adjusted trounce. C. Acception the instrument trounce to seize up balance the confer few hours. D. Adjust the instrument trounce to liberal tempest until the breach is tail on interval. 3. A protect is preparing to suspend the primal bag of the parenteral alimentation (PN) breach via the convenient succession of a malnourished client. The protect enabiding the availability of which medical equipment anteriorly suspending the breach? A. Glucometer. B. Surroundings tray. C. Nebulizer. D. Instrument cross-examine. 4. A protect is conducting a thrive-up abode mark to a client who has been discharged succeeding a occasion a parenteral alimentation(PN).  Which of the thriveing should the protect most air-tight adviser in this husk of therapy? A. Blood presabiding and weather. B. Dignity presabiding and pulse trounce. C. Height and heaviness. D. Weather and heaviness. 5. A protect is preparing to suspend a fat emulsion (lipids) and observes some manifest fat globules at the top of the breach. The protect enabiding to do which of the thriveing forces? A. Seize another bottle of breach. B. Runs the bottle breach subordinate a thermal impart. C. Rolls the bottle breach gently. D. Shake the bottle breach vigorously. 6. A client is receiving alimentation via parenteral alimentation (PN). A protect assess the client for perplexitys of the therapy and assesses the client for which of the thriveing indications of hyperglycemia? A. High-grade fever, chills, and decreased urination. B. Fatigue, acceptiond excretion, and broil obstinacy. C. Coarse dry hair, dilution, and harass. D. Thirst, blurred vision, and diuresis. 7. A protect is caring a client who different the tubing of the parenteral alimentation from the convenient succession catheter. A protect suspects an equablet of an air embolism. Which of the thriveing is an alienate standing for the client in this husk of birth? A. On the direct laterality, succeeding a occasion crisis taller than the feet. B. On the direct laterality, succeeding a occasion crisis inferior than the feet. C. On the left laterality, succeeding a occasion the crisis taller than the feet. D. On the left laterality, succeeding a occasion crisis inferior than the feet. 8. A client is entity weaned off from parenteral alimentation (PN) and is attached a go-signal to seize a formal food. The ongoing breach trounce has been 120ml/hr. A protect expects that which of the thriveing prescriptions in-reference-to the PN breach succeed serve the food adjust? A. Decrease the PN trounce to 60ml/hr. B. Start 0.9% natural expressive at 30 ml/hr. C. Repress the confer instrument trounce. D. Discontinue the PN. 9. A client is receiving parenteral alimentation (PN) in the abode contrast has a heaviness frame of 5 lb in 1 week. The protect confer assesses the client to warrant the influence of which of the thriveing? A. Hypotension. B. Crackles upon auscultation of the lungs. C. Thirst. D. Polyuria. 10. A protect is making primal rounds at the preface of the displace and regard that the parenteral alimentation (PN) bag of an assigned client is emptiness. Which of the thriveing breachs learnily advantageous on the nursing part should the protect suspend until another PN breach is partial and delivered to the nursing part? A. 10% dextrose in impart. B. 5% dextrose in impart. C. 5% dextrose in natural expressive. D. 5% dextrose in lactated Ringer breach. 11. A protect is caring for a class of clients on a medical-surgical nursing part. The protect recognizes that which of the thriveing clients would be the smallest mitigated aspirant for parenteral alimentation? A. A 55-year-old succeeding a occasion perpetual nausea and vomiting from chemotherapy. B. A 44-year old client succeeding a occasion ulcerative colitis. C. A 59-year old client who had an appendectomy. D. A 25-year old client succeeding a occasion a Hirschprung’s Disease. 12. A client is receiving parenteral alimentation (PN) suddenly is having a passion. A protect notifies the physician and the physician primally prescribes that the breach and tubing be newfangled. The protect should do which of the thriveing succeeding a occasion the discontinued materials? A. Send them to the laboratory for humanization. B. Save them for a requite to the creator. C. Requite them to the hospital pharmacy. D. Discard them in the part offal. 13. A protect is csubject the convenient succession surroundings of a client receiving parenteral alimentation (PN) and hushs that there are redness and drainage at the insertion predicament. The protect confer assesses which of the thriveing? A. Interval of developed surroundings qualify. B. Allergy. C. Client’s weather. D. Expiration epoch. 14. A client receiving parenteral alimentation (PN) complains of a crisisache. A protect hushs that the client has a delineation pulse, jugular distension, and heaviness frame superior than desired. The protect enumerates that the client is experiencing which perplexity of PN therapy? A. Air embolism. B. Hypervolemia. C. Hyperglycemia. D. Sepsis. 15. A protect is preparing to qualify the parenteral alimentation (PN) breach bag and tubing. The client’s convenient venous succession is located in the direct subclavian feeling. The protect ask the client to seize which leading force during the tube qualify? A. Turn the crisis to the direct. B. Inhale thickly, stop it, and tolescold down. C. Breathe naturally. D. Exhale unwillingly and uniformly. 16. A protect observes the client receiving fat emulsions is having hives. A protect reviews the client’s narrative and hush in which of the thriveing may object encircling by the repining of the client? A. Allergy to an egg. B. Allergy to peanut. C. Allergy to shellfish. D. Allergy to corn. 17. A client receiving parenteral alimentation (PN) complains of absence of life and shoulder pain. A protect hushs that the client has an acceptiond pulse trounce. The protect enumerates that the client is experiencing which perplexity of PN therapy? A. Air embolism. B. Hypervolemia. C. Hyperglycemia. D. Pneumothorax. 18. A protect is caring for a combative client who is adjusted to possess a alimentational therapy using parenteral alimentation (PN). The protect should artifice which of the thriveing measures to obviate the client from impairment? A. Monitor dignity glucose twice a day. B. Instruct the referring-to to cling succeeding a occasion the protect. C. Meaabiding 24-hour inseize and output. D. Ensafe all connections in the parenteral method. 19. Nurse Spencer is caring for an anorexic client who is having entirety parenteral alimentation breach for the primeval interval. Which of the thriveing assessments requires the most offer heed? A. Dry viscid bung. B. Weather of 100° Fahrenheit. C. Dignity glucose of 210 mg/dl. D. Fasting dignity sugar of 98 mg/dl. 20. Protect Russell is preparing to confer a entirety parenteral alimentation using a convenient succession. Place the thriveing steps for government in the reform adjust? 1. Connect the tubing to the convenient succession. 2. Regulate the electric instrument cross-perpend at the adjusted trounce. 3. Repress aseptic technique when handling the introduction cap. 4. Check the breach for obscuration, particles, or a qualify in perversion. 5. Prime the IV tubing through an instrument cross-examine. 6. Select and monied the reform tubing and percolate. A. 4, 3, 5, 6, 1, and 2. B. 6, 4, 5, 1, 3, and 2. C. 4, 6, 5, 3, 1, and 2. D. 3, 4, 6, 1, 5, and 2.

Answers and Rationale

Here are the counter-arguments and rationale for this ridicule: 1. Answer: D. PEG tube. Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG tube) is inserted into a person’s stomach through the abdominal bastion that is used to arcollocate a instrument of alimentation when verbal inseize is not deferred. Occasion Parenteral alimentation bypasses the digestive method by the government to the dignitystream. 2. Answer: B. Frame abiding the instrument trounce is infusing at the adjusted trounce. The protect should repress the prescribed trounce of a fat emulsion uniform if the instrument’s interval absorb is astern.
  • Options A, C, and D are faulty past increasing the trounce succeed hypothetically object a clear balanceload.
3. Answer: D. Instrument cross-examine. The protect should adapt an instrument cross-perpend anterior suspending a parenteral breach. The use of an instrument cross-perpend is considerable to frame abiding that the breach does not soak too straightly or clinged past the parenteral alimentation has a tall glucose generoused.
  • Option A: A glucometer is besides scarcityed past the client’s glucose raze is advisered perfect 4 to 6 hours, but it is not an leading part scarcityed.
  • Options B and C are not used anteriorly suspending a PN breach.
4. Answer: D. Weather and heaviness. The client’s weather is advisered to warrant indications of infection which is one of the perplexitys of this therapy. Occasion the heaviness is advisered to unmask hypervolemia and to enumescold the movablesiveness of this alimentational therapy. 5. Answer: A. Seize another bottle of breach. Fat emulsions are used as foodary supplements for resigneds who are unfitted to get sufficient fat in their food, usually beobject of assured illnesses or late surgery. The protect should perpend the bottle of fat emulsion for dissociation of emulsion into layers or fat globules or the fund of flummery. The protect should not suspend a fat emulsion if any of these observed and should requite the breach to the pharmacy. 6. Answer: D. Thirst, blurred anticipation, and diuresis. Signs of hyperglycemia comprise extravagant parching, harass, perturbation, blurred anticipation, confusion, dilution, Kussmaul’s respirations, diuresis, and coma when hyperglycemia is distressing.
  • Option A are indications of contamination.
  • Option B are indications of hyperthyroidism.
  • Option C are indications of hypothyroidism.
7. Answer: D. On the left laterality, succeeding a occasion crisis inferior than the feet. Air embolism occurs beobject of the register of air into the catheter method. If it occurs, the client should be placed in a left-side-lying standing succeeding a occasion the crisis be inferior than the feet. This standing succeed diminish the movables of the air traveling as a bolus to the lungs by adornments it on the direct laterality of the courage. 8. Answer: A. Decrease the PN trounce to 60ml/hr. When a client begins eating a formal food succeeding a conclusion of receiving PN, the PN is decreased unwillingly. PN that is terminated abruptly succeed object hypoglycemia. Gradually decreasing the instrument trounce allows the client to tarry sufficiently nourished during the transition to a natural food and obviates an termination of hypoglycemia. 9. Answer: B. Crackles upon auscultation of the lungs. Normally, the heaviness frame of a client receiving PN is encircling 1-2 trituadmonish a week. A heaviness frame of five (5) triturates balance a week indicates a client is experiencing clear claim that can termination to hypervolemia. Signs of hypervolemia comprises heaviness frame past than desired, crisisache, jugular feeling distention, delineation pulse, and crackles on lung auscultation.
  • Option A: Hypertension, not hypotension is expected.
  • Options C and D are associated succeeding a occasion hyperglycemia.
10. Answer: A. 10% dextrose in impart. The client is at lavish of hypoglycemia. Hence the protect succeed suspend a breach that has the tallest entirety of glucose until the new parenteral alimentation breach becomes learnily advantageous. 11. Answer: C. A 59-year old client who had an appendectomy. The client succeeding a occasion an appendectomy is not a aspirant beobject this client would begin-afind a formal food succeeding a occasionin a few days thriveing the surgery.
  • Options A, B, and D are faulty beobject parenteral alimentation is implied in these clients past their gastrointestinal tracts are not professional or who cannot seize in a food enterally for deferred conclusions.
12. Answer: A. Send them to the laboratory for humanization. When the client who is receiving PN has a tall weather, a catheter-related contamination should be reputed. The breach and tubing should be newfangled, and the discontinued materials should be humanizationd for an catching organism. 13. Answer: C. Client’s weather. Redness at the catheter implantation predicament is a mitigated indication of contamination. The protect would confer assess for other indications of contamination. Of the options attached, the weather is the confer part to assess. 14. Answer: B. Hypervolemia. The client’s indication and symptoms are consonant succeeding a occasion hypervolemia. This occur when the client receives extravagant clear government or government of clear too astride. 15. Answer: B. Inhale thickly, stop it, and tolescold down. The client should be asked to enact the Valsalva maneuver during tubing qualifys. This helps abandon air embolism during tube qualifys. The protect asks the client to seize a thick life, stop it, and tolescold down.
  • Option A is faulty beobject if the intravenous succession is on the direct, the client turns his or crisis to the left. This standing acceptions intrathoracic urgency.
  • Options C and D can object the undeveloped for an air embolism during the tube qualify.
16. Answer: A. Allergy to an egg. Fat emulsions (lipids) comprise egg yolk phospholipids and should not be attached to clients succeeding a occasion egg allergies. 17. Answer: D. Pneumothorax. Pneumothorax strength occur during a parenteral therapy due to untrue catheter arrival. In adjust to obviate this, the protect obtains a chest x-ray succeeding implantation of the catheter to enabiding fit catheter arrival. 18. Answer: D. Ensafe all connections in the parenteral method. The protect should artifice to ensafe all connections in the tubing. This succeed obviate the client from pulling the connections privately. 19. Answer: C. Dignity glucose of 210 mg/dl. Total parenteral alimentation formula comprises dextrose collocate from 5% to 70%. A dignity glucose raze of 210mg/dl is considered tall. 20. Answer: C. 4, 6, 5, 3, 1, and 2.

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