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Pharmacology: Cardiovascular Drugs 1 (30 Items)

When caring for patients behind a occasion cardiac maladys, you should be enlightenmentable environing the unanalogous garbages associated behind a occasion cardiovascular therapies. Let’s standard your enlightenment behind a occasion this 30-item NCLEX renewal banter all environing nursing pharmacology and cardiovascular garbages.
When you possess hardihood malady, you begin to be wearied of everything. It’s affect getting older. You beseem further pure, and behind that, grey. You possess no sentiment for everything. —Gerard Depardieu


Included topics in this exam are:
  • Cardiotonic Agents
  • Antiarrhythmic Agents
  • Antihypotensive Agents
  • Calcium Document Blockers
  • Beta Adrenergic Blockers


Follow the guidelines beneath to constitute the most out of this exam:
  • Read each topic preservationfully and prefer the best solution.
  • You are absorbed one exact per topic. Spend your opportunity wisely!
  • Answers and rationales are absorbed beneath. Be safe to interpret them.
  • If you want further clarifications, fascinate frequented them to the comments individuality.


Exam Mode

In Exam Mode: All topics are shown in aimnear and the consequences, solutions and rationales (if any) earn simply be absorbed behind you’ve perfect the banter. You are absorbed 1 exact per topic, a completion of 30 minutes in this banter.

Pharmacology: Cardiovascular Drugs 1 (30 Items)

Practice Mode

Practice Mode: This is an interactive propoundment of the Text Mode. All topics are absorbed in a solitary page and emend solutions, rationales or explanations (if any) are exhibitly shown behind you possess separated an solution. No opportunity season for this exam.

Pharmacology: Cardiovascular Drugs 1 (30 Items)

Congratulations - you possess perfectd Pharmacology: Cardiovascular Drugs 1 (30 Items). You beakd %%SCORE%% out of %%TOTAL%%. Your achievement has been trounced as %%RATING%%
Your solutions are highlighted beneath.

Text Mode

In Text Mode: All topics and solutions are absorbed for interpreting and solutioning at your own step. You can to-boot vision this exam and constitute a imimprint out. 1. Which of the behindcitedcited clients is at greastandard object for digital toxicity? A. A 25-year-old client behind a occasion ingenetrounce hardihood malady B. A 50-year-old client behind a occasion CHF C. A 60-year-old client behind myocardial infarction D. An 80-year-old client behind a occasion CHF 2. Which of the behindcitedcited is a contramark for digoxin government? A. Blood pressafe of 140/90 B. Hardihood trounce balance 80 C. Hardihood trounce beneath 60 D. Respiratory trounce balance 20 3. The renewal of medication is inotropic when it: A. Decreased behindload B. Increases hardihood trounce C. Increases the soundness of defilement D. Is used to negotiate CHF 4. Which is the MOST alienate renewal for the nurse to transfer precedently administering digoxin? A. Monitor potassium roll B. Assess order constraining C. Evaluate urinary output D. Avoid giving behind a occasion thiazide diuretic 5. The curative garbage roll for digoxin is: A. 0.1-2.0 ng/mg B. 1.0-2.0 ng/mg C. 0.1-0.5 ng/mg D. 0.5-2.0 ng/mg 6. Blurred vision or halos are symbols of: A. Subcurative digoxin rolls B. Digoxin toxicity C. Nothing allied to digoxin D. Corneal edge proceeds of digoxin 7. Amrinone (Inocor) is used for blunt vocable therapy for CHF and acts by which of the behindcitedcited mechanisms? A. Increasing stroke capacity and hardihood trounce B. Slowing ventricular trounce and increasing cardiac output C. Vasodilating and increasing peripheral vascular hindrance D. Increasing cardiac output and enhancing renal perfusion 8. Precedently giving milrinone (Primacor) by an IV refluence to a client behind a occasion symptoms of CHF, which of the behindcitedcited nursing renewals is qualitative? A. Record sodium roll. B. Administer admonishing dose balance 15 exacts. C. Assess CV badgeal. D. Review medication cheer to warrant if client is on IV furosemide (Lasix). 9. Johanna has ventricular ectopy, which of the behindcitedcited garbages is the pristine length used to negotiate her badgeal? A. quinidine (Cardioquin) B. digoxin (Lanoxin) C. procainamide ( Pronestyl) D. lidocaine (Xylocaine) 10. Systematize IA antiarrhythmic substitutes possess mean property on: A. AV node B. SA node C. Purkinje fibers D. Bundle of His 11. Which of the behindcitedcited garbages can object cruel hematologic disorders? A. digoxin (Lanoxin) B. quinidine (Cardioquin) C. disopyramide (Norpace) D. procainamide (Pronestyl) 12. Which of the behindcitedcited ECG findings alerts the nurture that the client wants an antiarrhythmic? A. Normal sinus rhythm B. Sinus bradycardia C. Sinus arrhythmia D. Frequent ventricular ectopy 13. When administering an antiarrhythmic substitute, which of the behindcitedcited reprove parameters is the most relevant for the nurture to evaluate? A. ECG B. Pulse trounce C. Respiratory trounce D. Order constraining 14. Which of the behindcitedcited order standards earn promulgate the nurture that an expanded totality of garbage is exhibit in the order to obstruct arrhythmias? A. Serum chemistries B. Perfect order counts C. Garbage rolls D. None of the balance 15. Which of the behindcitedcited garbages should be used simply in situations in which the client can be very air-tight monitored, such as a exact preservation item? A. bretylium (Bretylol) B. digoxin (Lanoxin) C. quinidine (Cardioquin) D. inderal (Propranolol) 16. The most toxic antiarrhythmic substitute is: A. digoxin (Lanoxin) B. lidocaine (Xylocaine) C. amiodarone (Cordarone) D. quinidine (Cardioquin) 17. Epinephrine is used to negotiate cardiac apprehend and badgeal asthmaticus owing of which of the behindcitedcited renewals? A. Increased press of conduction and gluconeogenesis B. Bronchodilation and acceptiond hardihood trounce, contractility, and conduction C. Increased vasodilation and improved myocardial contractility D. Bronchoconstriction and acceptiond hardihood trounce 18. Aftercited norepinephrine (Levophed) government, it is qualitative to the nurture to assess: A. electrolyte badgeal B. perversion and clime of toes and fingers C. capillary fill D. ventricular arrhythmias 19. Norepinephrine (Levophed) is contraconcerned in which of the behindcitedcited badgeals? A. Hypovolemic astound B. Neurogenic astound C. Order constrainings balance 80-100 mmHg (systolic) D. Decreased renal perfusion 20. When administering dopamine (Intropin), it is most relevant for the nurture to perceive that: A. the garbage’s renewal varies according to the dose. B. the garbage may be used instead of limpid retrieval. C. the garbage cannot be frequentedly modified in solutions containing bicarbonate or aminophylline. D. the last dose to profit the desired property should be used. 21. Dobutamine (Dobutrex) improves cardiac output and is momented for use in all of the behindcitedcited badgeals except: A. septic astound B. congestive hardihood failure C. arrhythmias D. pulmonary congestion 22. Conduction defects earn most affectly be an redundant associated behind a occasion the use of: A. verapamil B. nifedipine C. diltiazem D. felodipine 23. Which of the behindcitedcited calcium document blockers has the most powerful peripheral srepeatedly muscle dilator property? A. diltiazem B. nifedipine C. nimodipine D. verapamil 24. Which of the behindcitedcited redundant reactions is establish further repeatedly in capacity-depleted elderly clients? A. Bradycardia B. Conduction defects C. Ankle edema D. Hypotension 25. Which of the behindcitedcited calcium document blockers is used to opposedbias or obstruct cerebral vasospasm? A. verapamil B. nimodipine C. nifedipine D. felodipine 26. Which of the behindcitedcited proceeds of calcium document blockers objects a contrsinew in order constraining? A. Increased cardiac output B. Decreased peripheral vascular hindrance C. Decreased renal order flow D. Calcium addition into cardiac muscles 27. Jason James is commencement ß blockers, all of the behindcitedcited should be comprised in his reprove except: A. Pulmonary operation standards B. Baselength ECG C. Glucose roll D. Order constraining 28. Rotation laboratory monitoring in clients commencement ß blockers should enclose: A. Sodium B. Glucose C. Thyrotropin D. Creatine phosphokinase 29. Competitive animosity of which of the behindcitedcited betides at ß receptor sites? A. Catecholamines B. Adrenergic sites C. Acetylcholine D. Norepinephrine 30. ß blockers should be avoided in which of the behindcitedcited badgeals? A. Bronchoconstriction B. Hypertension C. Angina D. Myocardial infarction

Answers and Rationale

Here are the solutions for this exam. Gauge your achievement by opposed inhibiting your solutions to those beneath. If you possess any disputes or clarifications, fascinate frequented them to the comments individuality. 1. Answer: D. An 80-year-old client behind a occasion CHF Extremely old clients are at relevant object for digitalis toxicity. Remember when it comes to perplexity, the very old and very girlish are constantly at prominent object. 2. Answer: C. Hardihood trounce beneath 60 The apical hardihood trounce must be monitored during therapy behind a occasion digoxin, and the garbage held for pulse beneath 60 and balance 120. Remember that digoxin lowers the hardihood trounce; accordingly, the excellent that ruminates a low hardihood trounce is the best preoption. 3. Answer: C. Increases the soundness of defilement Inotropic garbages acception the soundness of defilement. Preload, not behindload, is closeend. Chronotropic garbages acception hardihood trounce. Treatment of CHF is an mark for use not an renewal of inotropic garbage. 4. Answer: A. Monitor potassium roll Monitoring potassium is in-particular relevant owing hypokalemia powerfuliates digoxin toxicity. B and C are inemend owing these grounds ruminate balanceall CV badgeal but are not restricted for digoxin. Excellent D are garbages usually administered behind a occasion digoxin. 5. Answer: D. 0.5-2.0 ng/mg This is the emend curative rank for digoxin. Every nurture should perceive this recognizeledge. 6. Answer: B. Digoxin toxicity Halos is a hallmark symbol of digoxin toxicity. A, C and D are inemend owing subcurative digoxin rolls possess no such proceeds. 7. Answer: A. Increasing stroke capacity and hardihood trounce The renewal of amrinone (Inocor) is to acception pat capacity, eviction interest, and hardihood trounce. Lanoxin, not amrinone, slows ventricular trounce and acceptions cardiac output. The vasodilator property of amrinone closeens peripheral vascular hindrance. Any acception in cardiac output earn improve renal perfusion; this is not impartial restricted to amrinone. 8. Answer: D. Review medication cheer to warrant if client is on IV furosemide (Lasix). Milrinone (Primacor) is insupposable behind a occasion IV furosemide (Lasix), and divers clients behind a occasion CHF are commencement furosemide. Assessing potassium, not sodium, is qualitative. Excellent B is not executed precedently government but during government. Reprove of CV badgeal is not restricted for milrinone and is momented for any garbage that affects the circulatory plan. 9. Answer: D. lidocaine (Xylocaine) Lidocaine is the simply excellent used to negotiate ventricular ectopy. A and C are arrangementatize IA antiarrhythmics. Digoxin is a cardiac glycoside. 10. Answer: B. SA node Class IA antiarrhythmics possess mean property on the SA node. 11. Answer: D. procainamide (Pronestyl) Pronestyl is perceiven for this great edge property. Associate Pronestyl behind a occasion plasma — P and P. This garbage is perceiven for its hematologic edge proceeds. 12. Answer: D. Frequent ventricular ectopy Ventricular ectopy can be a life-threatening arrhythmia; accordingly, the client wants an arrhythmic. Other excellents are not arrhythmias that want to be negotiateed. 13. Answer: A. ECG The ECG is the most relevant parameter to assess. B, C, and D want to be monitored, but the ECG is the most relevant. 14. Answer: C. Garbage rolls Knowing garbage rolls (peak and trough) is the simply way to ensafe thither is ample garbage in the substance to operation. Other excellents do not demonsttrounce garbage property. 15. Answer: A. bretylium (Bretylol) Among the excellents, this is the simply substitute that must be monitored this air-tight. B, C, and D are absorbed to outpatients as spoken preparations. 16. Answer: C. amiodarone (Cordarone) This is the most toxic garbage and should be used simply if other near toxic substitutes possess been ripe. Digoxin, on the other agency, is cardiotonic, not antiarrhythmic substitute. B and D are not perceiven for their toxicity. 17. Answer: B. Bronchodilation and acceptiond hardihood trounce, contractility, and conduction Bronchodilation consequences from stimulated beta receptors, and cardiac proceeds consequence from the stimulation of ß1 receptors. Excellent A does not discourse respiratory proceeds of medication. Excellent C is inemend owing α-stimulating garbages object vasoconstriction. Bronchodilation, not bronchoconstriction, consequences from ß2 air. 18. Answer: B. perversion and clime of toes and fingers Beobject closeend perfusion is a edge property of norepinephrine (Levophed), the nurture must inhibit prevalence regularly. Capillary fill is not a veritable mark of perfusion in a astound recite. Choices A and D are not restricted for norepinephrine. 19. Answer: A. Hypovolemic astound Norepinephrine (Levophed) is contraconcerned in hypovolemia. Neurogenic astound is an mark for norepinephrine use. Norepinephrine is absorbed to continue a systolic order pressafe of 80-100 mmHG. Decreased renal perfusion is an redundant reaction. 20. Answer: C. the garbage cannot be frequentedly modified in solutions containing bicarbonate or aminophylline. The nurture is obligatory for perceiveing consistent solutions precedently administering dopamine (Intropin). It is relevant to perceive that garbage renewal varies by dose, but the physician is obligatory for determining the dose. Dopamine should not be used instead of limpid retrieval. Excellent D is inemend owing, although it is gentleman, it is not the nurture’s pristine interest. It is a collaborative renewal in which the physician is momented in determining the trounce. 21. Answer: C. arrhythmias Dobutamine (Dobutrex) is not used to negotiate arrhythmias. Choices A, B, and D are badgeals are badgeals that meet to dobutamine. 22. Answer: A. verapamil Verapamil (Calan) has the strongest chronotropic property and earn object a stay in conduction at the SA and AV nodes. 23. Answer: B. nifedipine Nifedipine has the strongest peripheral srepeatedly muscle dilator property of all the calcium document blockers. Other excellents possess near of a vasodilator property. 24. Answer: D. Hypotension Hypotension is further affectly to betide in the antiquated. Choices A, B, and C may betide but are not necessarily acceptiond in abundance in antiquated clients. 25. Answer: B. nimodipine Nimodipine is absorbed in the neurologic client to obstruct cerebral vasospasm. Choices A, C, and D are absorbed in cardiac malady and in the discourse of hypertension simply. 26. Answer: B. Decreased peripheral vascular hindrance One of the proceeds of calcium document blockers is to closeen peripheral vascular hindrance. A, C, and D relate the facing proceeds of calcium document blockers. 27. Answer: A. Pulmonary operation standards Unnear the client has a narrative of pulmonary malady and pulmonary operation standards are momented, thither is no want to enclose this in the rotation reprove of the client commencement ß blockers. 28. Answer: B. Glucose ß blockers bias glucose metabolism. Although A, C, and D are discerning to possess, thither is no mark that rotation reprove of thyrotropin, sodium, or creatine phosphokinase is wanted. 29. Answer: A. Catecholamines Catecholamine receptor sites are blocked by the renewal of ß-blocking substitutes. Adrenergic sites may be blocked, but the further alienate rejoinder is catecholamine receptors. Acetylcholength is not abnormal by ß blockers. Norepinephrine is a catecholamine. 30. Answer: A. Bronchoconstriction ß blockers should be avoided in bronchoconstrictive malady. B, C, and D are marks for the use of ß blockers.

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