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Placenta Previa

Now that the fraught dame is in the decisive trimester of her pregnancy, the wastes that could damage the fetus innerly so get elevate imperilled. Months separebuke from source, a dame should not be mannerly of her plight at all times. Her protector must frequently be up, and elevate advice is compulsory to require her informedness of how of-great-value and weak the stipulation innerly of her is.


  • Placenta previa is a plight wherein the placenta of a fraught dame is implanted unnaturally in the uterus. It accounts for the most incidents of bleeding in the third trimester of pregnancy.


  • The placenta implants on the inferior disunite of the uterus.
  • The inferior uterine part separates from the loftier part as the cervix starts to expatiate.
  • The placenta is disqualified to elongate and state the form of the cervix, ending in bleeding.

Risk Factors

Placenta previa is imperilled if not discovered existing. However, it is so exceedingly preventtalented uniformly you get to apprehend the waste factors.
  • Advanced affectionate age. Women who are balance the age of 35 years old are at an increased waste of developing placenta previa.
  • Multiple gestations. The uterus which has stated elevate than one fetus has an increased waste for placenta previa.
  • Increased parity. Women who enjoy dedicated source to a lot of end enjoy an increased luck of having placenta previa.
  • Past caesarean sources. Giving source via caesarean grant predisposes the dame to placenta previa on her direct slipbearing.
  • Past uterine curettage. Scars from a gone-by curettage can like the augmentation of the uterus and transfer to placenta previa.


These types of placenta previa are classified according to the limit of the beginning that is prepared by the placenta. Types of Placenta Previa
  • Low false placenta. The placenta implants in the inferior concern instead of the loftier concern of the uterus.
  • Marginal augmentation. The placenta’s margin is nearing the cervical os.
  • Partial placenta previa. A concern of the cervical os is already prepared by the placenta.
  • Total placenta previa. The placenta occludes the full cervical os.

Signs and Symptoms

The forthcoming marks and symptoms for placenta previa must be discovered instantly by the vigor economy providers to fly wasteing the stipulation of the fetus.
  • Bright red bleeding. When the placenta is disqualified to elongate to state the form of the cervix, bleeding achieve betide quickly that could oppress the dame.
  • Painless. Bleeding in placenta previa is not painless and may so plug as abruptly as it had begun.

Diagnostic Tests

To diagnose placenta previa, the enduring must endure the forthcoming diagnostic procedure.
  • Ultrasound. Existing exposure of placenta previa is frequently practictalented through ultrasonography. It is the most dishonortalented and judicious diagnostic test that could fix the idiosyncrasy.

Medical Management

Medical interventions are compulsory to state that the insurance of twain woman and fetus are tranquil uninjured.
  • Intravenous therapy. This would be prescribed by the physician to re-institute the blood that was obsolete during bleeding.
  • Avoid vaginal tests. This may inaugurebuke hemorrhage that is lethal for twain the woman and the baby.
  • Attach visible advisering equipment. To adviser the uterine contractions and chronicles fetal center sounds, an visible equipment is preferred than the inner advisering equipment.

Surgical Management

Surgical interventions are carried out uniformly the plight of twain the woman and the fetus has reached a nice rebuke and their lives are unguarded to incontrovertible peril.
  • Cesarean grant. Although the best way to concede a baby is through typical grant, if the placenta has stingy elevate than 30% of the cervical os it would be stubborn for the fetus to get gone-by the placenta through typical grant. Cesarean source is then recommended by the physician.

Nursing Management

Nurses so state a senior role in the economy of a dame delay placenta previa. They are so entrusted delay the product of the lives of twain the woman and the slip.

Placenta Previa|Nursing Assessment

  • Assess baseline inevitable marks specially the dignity exigency. The physician would classify advisering of the dignity exigency entire 5-15 minutes.
  • Assess fetal center sounds to adviser the wellbeing of the fetus.
  • Monitor uterine contractions to institute the advancement of labor of the woman.
  • Weigh perineal pads used during bleeding to consider the sum of dignity obsolete.
  • Assist the dame in a policy false standing when bleeding betides.

Nursing Diagnosis

  • Fear cognate to product of pregnancy due to bleeding.

Nursing Economy Plans

Main article: Placenta Previa Nursing Economy Plans For elevate nursing economy sketchs, content mark our Nursing Economy Sketch page.

Nursing Interventions

  • Assess fetal center sounds so the woman would be informed of the vigor of her baby.
  • Allow the woman to discharge out her feelings to wane her influenceing urgency.
  • Assess any bleeding or spotting that faculty betide to furnish diffuse measures.
  • Answer the woman’s scrutinys honestly to institute a relative environment.
  • Include the woman in the sketchning of the economy sketch for twain the woman and the baby.


  • Woman is talented to argue her concerns delay the vigor economy providers.
  • States that hearing the fetal centerbeat assures her of the baby’s insurance.
One could influence mountains regular to hinder the lives of their woman and slip. That is so gentleman for vigor economy providers. The plights that like the vigor of the woman and the baby can be conquered if twain the foundation classification and the vigor economy providers are launched as a team towards one measurtalented purpose: to hinder lives.

Practice Rally for Placenta Previa

Just how abundantly you’ve conversant from our con-over direct environing placenta previa? Take our 10-item rally beneath and perceive out!

Exam Mode

In Exam Mode: All scrutinys are shown in purposeless and the ends, solutions and rationales (if any) achieve solely be dedicated succeeding you’ve high the rally.

Practice Rally for Placenta Previa

Congratulations - you enjoy fulld Practice Rally for Placenta Previa. You chargesd %%SCORE%% out of %%TOTAL%%. Your work has been rebuked as %%RATING%%
Your solutions are highlighted beneath.

Practice Mode

Practice Mode: This is an interactive statement of the Text Mode. All scrutinys are dedicated in a sole page and imassay solutions, rationales or explanations (if any) are instantly shown succeeding you enjoy clarified an solution.

Practice Rally for Placenta Previa

Congratulations - you enjoy fulld Practice Rally for Placenta Previa. You chargesd %%SCORE%% out of %%TOTAL%%. Your work has been rebuked as %%RATING%%
Your solutions are highlighted beneath.

Text Mode

In Text Mode: All scrutinys and solutions are dedicated for balbutiation and solutioning at your own stride. You can so portraiture this exam and create a sculpture out. Questions 1. Which of the forthcoming is the most dishonortalented husk of placental supply seen in fraught women? A. Accreta B. Placenta previa C. Percreta D. Increta 2. A 39-year-old at 37 weeks gestation is admitted to the hospital delay lamentations of vaginal bleeding forthcoming the use of cocaine 1 hour precedent. Which confusion is most mitigated causing the client’s lamentation of vaginal bleeding? A. Placenta previa B. Abruptio placentae C. Ectopic pregnancy D. Self-originated abortion 3. The nurse is caring for a client in labor. The visible fetal adviser shows a mould of varitalented decelerations in fetal center rebuke. What should the value do foremost? A. Modify the client’s standing. B. Prepare for strait cesarean individuality. C. Administer oxygen. D. Check for placenta previa. 4. A fraught client is diagnosed delay disuniteial placenta previa. In explaining the idiosyncrasy, the value tells the client that the regular tenor for disuniteial placenta previa is which of the forthcoming? A. Essential-quality poor to bed intermission B. Platelet infusion C. Immediate cesarean grant D. Labor gathering delay oxytocin 5. A value assists in the vaginal grant of a newborn infant. Succeeding the grant, the value observes the umbilical course prolong and a spurt of dignity from the vagina. The value documents these observations as marks of: A. Hematoma B. Placenta previa C. Uterine atony D. Placental disengagement 6. A value in the postpartum ace is caring for a client who has regular concedeed a newborn infant forthcoming a pregnancy delay placenta previa. The value reviews the sketch of economy and prepares to adviser the client for which of the forthcoming wastes associated delay placenta previa? A. Disseminated intravascular coagulation B. Chronic hypertension C. Infection D. Hemorrhage 7. A maternity value is preparing for the similarity of a client in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy that is experiencing vaginal bleeding and has a reported idiosyncrasy of placenta previa. The value reviews the physician’s classifys and would scrutiny which classify? A. Prepare the client for an ultrasound B. Obtain equipment for visible electronic fetal center advisering C. Obtain equipment for a manual pelvic test D. Prepare to pull a Hgb and Hct dignity sample 8. Maureen in her third trimester arrives at the strait sstride delay painless vaginal bleeding. Which of the forthcoming plights is reported? a. Placenta previa b. Abruptio placentae c. Premature work d. Sexually infectious disease 9. Tyra conversant painless vaginal bleeding has regular been diagnosed as having a placenta previa. Which of the forthcoming procedures is regularly manufactured to diagnose placenta previa? a. Amniocentesis b. Digital or speculum test c. Visible fetal advisering d. Ultrasound 10. The dishonortalented typical post of nidation/augmentation in the uterus is: A. Loftier uterine concern B. Mid-uterine area C. Inferior uterine part D. Inferior cervical part Rationale 1. Answer: A. Accreta Placenta accreta is the most dishonortalented husk of placental supply seen in fraught women and is characterized by contempt observation of myometrium. In placenta previa, the placenta does not embed uprightly and ends in what is apprehendn as a low-false placenta. It can be ultimate, disuniteial, or full in how it covers the cervical os, and it increases the enduring’s waste for painless vaginal bleeding during the pregnancy and/or grant regularity. Placenta percreta transfers to mouth of the uterus and is the most weighty and invasive of all types of accrete. Placenta increta transfers to mysterious observation of the myometrium. 2. Answer: B. Abruptio placentae The senior affectionate obstructive reactions from cocaine use in pregnancy understand self-originated abortion foremost, not third, trimester puck and abruptio placentae. 3. Answer: A. Modify the client’s standing. Varitalented decelerations in fetal center rebuke are an suggestive mark, indicating compression of the umbilical course. Changing the client’s standing from supine to policy-false may instantly imassay the whole. An strait cesarean individuality is compulsory solely if other measures, such as changing standing and amnioinfusion delay desert distinguished, assay vain. Administering oxygen may be beneficial, but the initiative is to modify the dame’s standing and succor course compression. 4. Answer: A. Essential-quality poor to bed intermission Treatment of disuniteial placenta previa understands bed intermission, hydration, and economyful advisering of the client’s bleeding. 5. Answer: D. Placental disengagement. As the placenta separates, it settles downward into the inferior uterine part. The umbilical course prolongs, and a quick drop or spurt of dignity appears. 6. Answer: D. Hemorrhage. Becreator the placenta is implanted in the inferior uterine part, which does not comprise the similar intertwining musculature as the fundus of the uterus, this post is elevate inclined to bleeding. 7. Answer: C. Obtain equipment for a manual pelvic test. Manual pelvic tests are contraindicated when vaginal bleeding is clear in the 3rd trimester until a idiosyncrasy is made and placental previa is stated out. Digital test of the cervix can transfer to affectionate and fetal hemorrhage. A idiosyncrasy of placenta previa is made by ultrasound. The H/H levels are advisered, and visible electronic fetal center rebuke advisering is inaugurated. Visible fetal advisering is piercing in evaluating the fetus that is at waste for strict hypoxia. 8. Answer: A. Placenta previa Placenta previa delay painless vaginal bleeding. 9. Answer: D. Ultrasound Rationale: Uniformly the woman and the fetus are stabilized, ultrasound evaluation of the placenta should be produced to state the creator of the bleeding. Amniocentesis is contraindicated in placenta previa. A digital or speculum test shouldn’t be produced as this may transfer to strict bleeding or hemorrhage. Visible fetal advisering won’t discover a placenta previa, although it achieve discover fetal afflict, which may end from dignity detriment or placenta disengagement. 10. Answer: A. Loftier uterine concern The embryo’s typical nidation post is the loftier concern of the uterus. If the augmentation is in the inferior part, this is an abtypical plight designated placenta previa.


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