*Reflection Activity**Nursing’s Fundamental Patterns of Knowing* *Instructions* Reflection and Discu 1 answer below »

*Reflection Activity**Nursing’s Fundamental Patterns of Knowing*
Reflection and Discussion Questions ( Submit your answers in the form of an
APA formatted paper)
1. How would a typical nursing care plan change if all patterns of knowing
were addressed? Think about a person you have recently cared for or whom
you can recall caring for in the past. How might deliberately integrating
each of the knowing patterns into your care have changed outcomes? If not,
why not?
2. Find a historical article of interest (something written prior to 1950)
that addresses some aspect of nursing care. To what extent does the author
address all 5 knowing patterns? What additional information should the
author have included that would more fully consider all knowing patterns?
3. Describe a nursing care situation you have experienced in which
emancipatory knowing would have been helpful. What needed to change? What
was, or might have been, operating to keep emancipatory change from
4. How would you describe nursing’s primary purpose? Does that purpose
require all patterns of knowing? Why and how?
5. Recall and describe a nursing care interaction or situation that was
particularly problematic for you. Reflecting on this interaction, address
each of the critical questions for each pattern of knowing:
*From an **emancipatory **perspective:*
1. a) What might be wrong with this picture?
2. b) Who benefited in this situation?
3. c) What were the limits to full human potential for everyone involved?
4. d) What was not visible or perceived at the time?
*From an **ethical **perspective:*
1. a) Were things right and just in this situation?
2. b) Were the actions of those involved responsible actions?
*From a **personal **perspective:*
1. a) Did I know what I did, and did I do what I knew?
2. b) Did I do something unintentionally, good or bad, that I now
3. c) Did I act in a manner consistent with my inner knowing, or did I
betray myself?
4. d) Would I act differently understanding what I now know about myself?
*From an **aesthetic **perspective:*
1. a) What were the meanings of the situation for those involved?
2. b) How was this situation significant for those in the situation?
*From an **empiric **perspective*:
1. a) What empiric knowledge was being used during the interaction?
2. b) Was empiric knowledge used appropriately?
3. c) Did the interaction suggest the nurse was scientifically competent?

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*Reflection Activity**Nursing’s Fundamental Patterns of Knowing* *Instructions* Reflection and Discu 1 answer below »
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