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Rheumatic Fever Nursing Care Plan & Management



Rheumatic broil is an exaggerative ailment that can explain as a complexity of inaccurately writeed strep throat or scarlet broil.
  • Rheumatic broil (RF) is a systemic disorder that may betide forthcomingcited assembly A beta-hemolytic streptococcal (GABHS) pharyngitis in effect.
  • Studies in the 1950s during an transferred on a soldierly shameful demonstrated 3% impact of rheumatic broil in adults forthcoming a season streptococcal pharyngitis not writeed forthcoming a season antibiotics.
  • Strep throat and scarlet broil are origind by an infection forthcoming a season streptococcus bacteria.


Rheumatic broil explains in effect and adolescents forthcomingcited pharyngitis forthcoming a season GABHS (ie, Streptococcus pyogenes).
  • The organisms subjoin to the epithelial cells of the loftier respiratory confide and fairty a battery of enzymes, which concedes them to loss and encroach-upon civilized structures.
  • After an incubation date of 2-4 days, the invading organisms draw an sharp exaggerative repartee, forthcoming a season 3-5 days of afflictive throat, broil, malaise, muddiness, and influential leukocyte enumerate.
  • In a slight percentage of endurings, taint leads to rheumatic broil sepascold weeks forthcoming a afflictive throat has instructd; singly taints of the pharynxbear been shown to originate or reactivate rheumatic broil.
  • Direct apposition forthcoming a season unwritten (PO) or respiratory secretions transmits the organism, and crowding augments transmission; endurings last contaminated for weeks forthcoming symptomatic decomposition of pharyngitis and may minister as a reservoir for infecting others.
  • Severe scarring of the valves explains during a date of months to years forthcoming an accident of sharp rheumatic broil, and repeated accidents may origin transitional loss to the valves.
  • The mitral valve is artful most commsingly and bitterly (65-70% of endurings); the aortic valve is artful relieve most commsingly (25%).

Statistics and Incidences

Rheumatic broil is most vulgar in 5- to 15-year-old effect, though it can explain in younger effect and adults.
  • The efficacy of RHD in the United States was short than 0.05 per 1000 population, forthcoming a season singly noble regional outbreaks reputed in Tennessee in the 1960s and in Utah, Ohio, and Pennsylvania in the 1980’s.
  • However, a modern impost of tempunwritten trends of endurings diagnosed forthcoming a season sharp rheumatic broil in the United States from 2001-2011 showed that gone 2001, notorious sharp rheumatic broil admissions has steadily growthd, forthcoming a season a peak in 2005, and diminishd thereafter.
  • Worldwide, tneighboring are aggravate 15 darling cases of RHD, forthcoming a season 282,000 new cases and 33,000 deaths from this ailment each year.
  • RHD is the main origin of morbidity from rheumatic broil and is the main origin of mitral scantiness and stenosis in the United States and the universe.
  • Native Hawaiians and Maori (twain of Polynesian descent) bear a preferable impact of rheumatic broil; impact of rheumatic broil in these endurings is 13.4 per 100,000 hospitalized effect per year, smooth forthcoming a season antibiotic prophylaxis of streptococcal pharyngitis.
  • Rheumatic broil betides in correspondent total in males and females; females forthcoming a season rheumatic broil suffering worse than males and bear a subordinately preferable impact of chorea.
  • Rheumatic broil is principally a ailment of sliphood, forthcoming a season a median age of 10 years; at-last, GABHS pharyngitis is unvulgar in effect younger than 3 years, and sharp rheumatic broil is exceedingly noble in these younger effect in industrialized enumerateries.


Rheumatic broil is admired to end from an autoimmune repartee; at-last, the suitable pathogenesis lasts unclear.
  • GABHS taint. Rheumatic broil singly explains in effect and adolescents forthcomingcited assembly A beta-hemolytic streptococcal (GABHS) pharyngitis, and singly taints of the pharynx originate or reactivate rheumatic broil.
  • Molecular travesty. So-called molecular travesty betwixt streptococcal and civilized proteins is felt to mingle twain the B and T cells of peripheral blood, forthcoming a season infiltration of the courage by T cells; some admire that an growthd formation of exaggerative cytokines is the definite contrivance of the autoimmune reaction that origins loss to cardiac structure in RHD.
  • Streptococcal antigens. Streptococcal antigens, which are structurally alike to those in the courage, conceive hyaluronate in the bacterial capsule, cell deference polysaccharides (alike to glycoproteins in courage valves), and membrane antigens that portion-out epitopes forthcoming a season the sarcolemma and smooth muscle.
  • Decrease in regulatory T-cells. Decreased smooths of regulatory T-cells bear too been associated forthcoming a season rheumatic courage ailment and forthcoming a season growthd severity.

Clinical Manifestations

Revised in 1992 and repeatedly in 2016, the qualified Jones criteria yield guidelines for making the singularity of rheumatic broil; the qualified Jones criteria for repeated rheumatic broil demand the neighboringness of 2 main, or 1 main and 2 younger, or 3 younger criteria for the singularity of rheumatic broil. Major Symptom Criteria
  • Carditis. Carditis in the slip may be clinical and/or subclinical (echo).
  • Polyarthritis. Monoarthritis or polyarthralgia are diffuse to end main symptom criteria in Moderate/High- facilitate populations; for polyarthralgia deprivation of other aid mitigated origins is too demandd.
  • Chorea. Jerky, ungovernable collection fluctuatements (Sydenham chorea, or St. Vitus’ enact) — most repeatedly in the hands, feet, and aspect.
  • Subcutaneous nodules. Small, sufferingshort bumps (nodules) belowneath the peel.
  • Erythema marginatum. Flat or subordinately rich, sufferingshort indiscreet forthcoming a season a paltry guilee.
Minor Symptom Criteria
  • Fever. Fever of ≥38.5°C ( ≥38°C to end a younger symptom criteria in Moderate/High- facilitate populations.
  • Polyarthralgia. Painful and impressible articulations — most repeatedly in the knees, ankles, elbows, and wrists.
  • Prolonged PR limit. Prolonged PR limit for age on electrocardiography.
  • Increased ESR. Elevated peak erythrocyte sedimentation scold during sharp disorder ≥60 mm/h and/or C-relocomotive protein ≥3.0 mg/dl.

Assessment and Symptom Findings

Although there’s no solitary cupel for rheumatic broil, singularity is shamefuld on medical narrative, corporeal exam and convinced cupel ends.
  • Throat culture. Throat cultures for GABHS taints usually are disclaiming by the age symptoms of rheumatic broil or rheumatic courage ailment (RHD) appear; bring-environing attempts to separeprimand the organism foregoing to the prelude of antibiotic therapy to succor sanction a singularity of streptococcal pharyngitis and to concede typing of the organism if it is separated successfully.
  • Rapid antigen challenge cupel. This cupel concedes speedy challenge of assembly A streptococci (GAS) antigen, concedeing the singularity of streptococcal pharyngitis to be made and antibiotic therapy to be originated season the enduring is quiescent in the physician’s business.
  • Antistreptococcal antibodies. Clinical features of rheumatic broil commence when antistreptococcal anticollection smooths are at their peak; thus, these cupels are available for sanctioning earlier GAS taint; antistreptococcal antibodies are in-particular available in endurings who confer-upon forthcoming a season chorea as the singly symptom cupel.
  • Acute-complexion reactants. C-relocomotive protein and erythrocyte sedimentation scold are influential in aid-souls forthcoming a season rheumatic broil due to the exaggerative kind of the ailment; twain cupels bear wealthy sensitivity but low specificity for rheumatic broil.
  • Heart relocomotive antibodies. Tropomyosin is influential in substances forthcoming a season sharp rheumatic broil.
  • Rapid challenge cupel for D8/17. This immunofluorescence technique for identifying the B-cell marker D8/17 is decisive in 90% of endurings forthcoming a season rheumatic broil and may be available for identifying endurings who are at facilitate of explaining rheumatic broil.
  • Chest radiography. Cardiomegaly, pulmonary glomeration, and other meetings congruous forthcoming a season courage scarcity may be watchd on chest radiograph in aid-souls forthcoming a season rheumatic broil.
  • Echocardiography. In aid-souls forthcoming a season sharp RHD, resonancecardiography authorized and quantitated valve scantiness and ventricular dysfunction.

Medical Management

Therapy is directed insides eliminating the GABHS pharyngitis (if quiescent confer-upon), suppressing inflammation from the autoimmune repartee, and providing helpive composition of congestive courage scarcity (CHF).
  • Anti-inflammatory. Treatment of the sharp exaggerative manifestations of sharp rheumatic broil consists of salicylates and steroids; aspirin in anti-exaggerative doses fairtyively narrows all manifestations of the ailment disclaiming chorea, and the repartee typically is showy.
  • Corticosteroids. If modescold to bitter carditis is confer-upon as compromised by cardiomegaly, third-reprove courage stop, or CHF, add PO prednisone to salicylate therapy.
  • Anticonvulsant medications. For bitter involuntary fluctuatements origind by Sydenham chorea, your master government order an anticonvulsant, such as valproic acid (Depakene) or carbamazepine (Carbatrol, Tegretol, others).
  • Antibiotics. Your slip’s master earn order penicillin or another antibiotic to explain lasting strep bacteria.
  • Surgical stoppage. When courage scarcity persists or worsens forthcoming unsavory medical therapy for sharp RHD, surgery to diminish valve scantiness may be personalitysaving; approximately 40% of endurings forthcoming a season sharp rheumatic broil astern explain mitral stenosis as adults.
  • Diet. Advise beneficial nourishment forthcoming a seasonout cessationrictions disclaiming in endurings forthcoming a season CHF, who should thrive a fluid-restricted and sodium-restricted nourishment; potassiumsupplementation may be inevitable beorigin of the mineralocorticoid fairty of corticosteroid and the diuretics if used.
  • Activity. Initially, attribute endurings on bed cessation, thriveed by a date of indoor temper antecedently they are detached to requite to school; do not concede unmeasured temper until the APRs bear requiteed to regular; endurings forthcoming a season chorea may demand a wheelchair and should be on homebound advice until the exceptional fluctuatements instruct.
Pharmacologic Management
Treatment and stoppage of assembly A streptococci pharyngitis outlined neighboring are shamefuld on the vulgar recommendations of the American Courage Association Practice Guidelines on Stoppage of Rheumatic Broil and Singularity and Composition of Sharp Streptococcal Pharyngitis.
  • Antibiotics. The roles for antibiotics are to (1) primally write GABHS pharyngitis, (2) frustreprove repeated streptococcal pharyngitis, rheumatic broil (RF), and rheumatic courage ailment (RHD), and (3) yield prophylaxis repeatedlyst bacterial endocarditis.
  • Anti-exaggerative commissioners. Manifestations of sharp rheumatic broil (including carditis) typically meet speedyly to therapy forthcoming a season anti-exaggerative commissioners; aspirin, in anti-exaggerative doses, is DOC; prednisone is assumed when averment of worsening carditis and courage scarcity is renowned.
  • Therapy for congestive courage scarcity. Heart scarcity in RHD probably is connected in sever to the bitter scantiness of the mitral and aortic valves and in sever to pancarditis; therapy traditionally has consisted of an inotropic commissioner (digitalis) in consortment forthcoming a season diuretics (furosemide, spironolactone) and forthcomingentrust diminution (captopril).

Nursing Management

Nursing stoppage of a slip forthcoming a season rheumatic broil conceive:
Nursing Assessment
Nursing impost for a slip forthcoming a season rheumatic broil are as thrives:
  • History. Obtain a total up-to-date narrative from the slip and the stoppagegiver; ask environing a modern afflictive throat or loftier respiratory taint; meet out when the symptoms began, the quantity of the disorder, and what if any composition was obtained.
  • Physical exam. Begin forthcoming a season a stoppageful critique of all systems, and melody the slip’s corporeal circumstances; obminister for any signs that may be classified as main or younger manifestations; in the corporeal exam, obminister for influential region and pulse, and stoppagefully weigh for erythema marginatum, subcutaneous nodules, bombastic or entrustsome articulations, or signs of chorea.
Nursing Diagnoses
Based on the impost postulates, the main nursing diagnoses are:
  • Acute suffering connected to articulation suffering when extremities are queer or fluctuated.
  • Deficient diversional temper connected to orderd bed cessation.
  • Activity intolerance connected to carditis or arthralgia.
  • Risk for damnification connected to chorea.
  • Risk for noncompliance forthcoming a season security garbage therapy connected to financial or important entrust of personalityhanker therapy.
  • Deficient instruction of stoppagegiver connected to the circumstances, scarcity for hanker-term therapy, and facilitate factors.
Nursing Interventions
Nursing interventions for a slip forthcoming a season rheumatic broil conceive:
  • Provide self-approval and narrow suffering. Position the slip to narrow articulation suffering; hot baths and bland collocate-of-motion exercises succor to assuage some of the articulation annoyances; use suffering indicator layers forthcoming a season effect so they are able to direct the smooth of their suffering.
  • Provide diversional activities and sensory stimulation. For those who do not handle very ill, bed cessation can origin annoy or resentment; be fanciful in meeting diversional activities that concede bed cessation but frustreprove cessationlessness and boredom, such as a good-natured-natured book; pacify games can yield some release, and guile all activities forthcoming a season the slip’s explainmental station in inclination.
  • Promote enthusiasm preservation. Provide cessation dates betwixt activities to succor tread the slip’s energies and yield for utmost self-approval; if the slip has chorea, notify markors that the slip cannot modereprove these fluctuatements, which are as upsetting to the slip as they are to others.
  • Prevent damnification. Protect the slip from damnification by disinclinations the behalf rails up and padding them; do not permission a slip forthcoming a season chorea unattended in a wheelchair, and use all following a occasionhold shelter values.
Goals are met as avermentd by:
  • Reducing suffering.
  • Providing diversional activities and sensory stimulation.
  • Conserving enthusiasm.
  • Preventing damnification.
Documentation Guidelines
Documentation in a slip forthcoming a season rheumatic broil conceives:
  • Baseline and posterior impost meetings to conceive signs and symptoms.
  • Individual cultural or holy cessationrictions and special preferences.
  • Plan of stoppage and substances mingled.
  • Teaching guile.
  • Client’s repartees to instructions, interventions, and actions manufactured.
  • Attainment or advancement inside the desired effect.
  • Long-term scarcitys, and who is imperative for actions to be smitten.

Practice Exam

Choose the communication of the amend apology. Good-natured luck!
Congratulations - you bear totald Rheumatic Broil Practice Exam. You beakd %%SCORE%% out of %%TOTAL%%. Your deed has been scoldd as %%RATING%%
Your apologys are wealthylighted adown.
Shaded items are total.
1 2 3 4 5

Nursing Stoppage Plan

Acute Rheumatic Broil Nursing Stoppage Plans

Acute Pain

Acute Pain: Unpleasant sensory and important instruction arising from developed or germinative structure loss or pictorial in terms of such loss; unanticipated or lazy onslaught of any concentration from meek to bitter forthcoming a season anticipated or predictable end and a epoch of <6 months.
May be connected to
  • Inflammation
  • Arthralgia
Possibly avermentd by
  • Verbal cognomen of suffering
  • Guarding and protective proceeding of entrustsome articulations
  • Warmth at artful articulations
  • Edema
  • Redness
Desired Outcomes
  • Child earn verbalize short suffering by using a layer of 1 to 10.
  • Child earn appear relaxed forthcoming a seasonout compensating.
  • Child’s articulations earn not behove inflamed, red, or hot.
Nursing Interventions Rationale
Assess the slip’s suffering sight using an following a occasionhold layer full 2 to 3 hours. Provides notifyation environing the suffering smooth of the slip.
Assess fluctuates in proceeding, such as wealthy-pitched cry, sensibility, cessationlessness, disapproval to fluctuate, facial grimace, unsavory or dependent proceeding. Nonverbal suffering cognomens that are age-connected as slip or infant may be insufficient to describe suffering; fear and anxietyassociated forthcoming a season suffering origin fluctuates in behaviunwritten repartees.
Examine artful articulations, reprove of articulation suffering, smooth of articulation movement. Provides postulates environing pathologic fluctuates in articulations; reversible articulation minglement usually important bulky articulations, such as knees, hips, wrists, and elbows; an growth in total of artful articulations betides aggravate a date of age.
Administer salicylates and anti- exaggerative medications as orderd, and guide slip that the medication earn diminish the suffering; transfer a sustained- action analgesic antecedently bedage or 1 hour antecedently anticipated fluctuatement. Relieves suffering, inflammation in articulations and yield cessation and self-approval.
Elevate mingled extremities overhead courage smooth. Improves vogue to the courage to assuage edema.
Maintain bed cessation during the sharp station of the ailment. Promotes release of articulation suffering origind by fluctuatement.
Advise positional fluctuates full 2 hours season maintaining collection alignment. Prevents contractures and promotes self-approval.
Apply bed cradle below outbehalf covers aggravate entrustsome articulations. Avoids influence on entrustsome parts.
Assist in bland handling and sustaining of collection severs. Prevents extra suffering to artful severs.
Provide toys, games for pacify, sedentary enact. Provides diversionary temper to disconfide from the suffering.
Encourage the use of nonpharmacologic interventions such as imagery, relaxation, absence, cutaneous stimulation, excitement impression. Provides affixed values to diminish suffering sight.
Stress the concern of scant temper or quantity of articulation fluctuatement concedeed. Prevents growth or exacerbation of suffering.
Teach parents and slip of the scarcity for analgesia and that it earn succor him/her to handle mend. Controls suffering, and concedes for uninterrupted sleep and temper forthcoming a seasonin the tolerance smooth.
Reassure parents and slip that articulation minglement is transient, that suffering and edema earn brook, and that articulations earn requite to regular bulk. Reduces apprehension connected to fear of unalterable loss.
Educate parents in fair collection positioning and handling of artful severs. Promotes self-approval and avoids suffering and contractures during bed cessation.


Hyperthermia: Body region influential overhead regular collocate.
May be connected to
  • Illness or exaggerative ailment
Possibly avermentd by
  • Increase collection region overhead regular collocate
  • Hot, red peel
  • Chills
  • Tachycardia, tachypnea
Desired Outcomes
  • Child earn demonstscold region forthcoming a seasonin the regular collocate and be playing of chills.
Nursing Interventions Rationale
Assess region, courage scold, and blood influence constantly. A region of 101°F (38.3°C) or overhead is renowned concurrently forthcoming a season redness, suffering, and protuberance of the articulations; HR and BP growth as hyperthermia advancementes.
Administer nonsteroidal anti-exaggerative garbage (NSAIDs) as orderd; Obminister for any uninside fairtys of NSAIDs. Reduces inflammation and suffering; Behalf fairtys of NSAIDs may conceive abdominal suffering, tinnitus, dizziness, muddiness, stomach ulcer, GI bleeding.
Administer a route of penicillin therapy or a solitary intramuscular dose of benzathine penicillin. A total antibiotic composition of penicillin explains assembly A streptococcus taint.
Provide a tepid purify bath. Helps narrow the betiderence of broil.
Modify the slip’s environment such as extent region and bed linens as compromised. Room region may be familiar to neighboring regular collection region and blankets and linens may be adjusted as compromised to organize the region of the client.
Eliminate redundancy dress and covers. Exposing peel to extent air diminishs hotth and growths evaporative composure.
Maintain bed cessation specially during the sharp febrile complexion. Conserves enthusiasm and narrows metabolic scold.
Teach slip and nobility members environing the signs and symptoms of hyperthermia and succor in identifying factors connected to the betiderence of broil; argue the concern of growthd fluid inaccept to avoid dehydration. Providing soundness instructions to the enduring and nobility aids in coping forthcoming a season ailment circumstances and could succor frustreprove aid complexitys of hyperthermia.

Activity Intolerance

Activity Intolerance: Insufficient physiologic or physiological enthusiasm to live or total demandd or desired temper.
May be connected to
  • Decrease cardiac output
  • Muscle weakness
Possibly avermentd by
  • Prolonged bed cessation
  • Imposed temper cessationriction
  • Imbalanced oxygen accoutre and demand
Desired Outcomes
  • Child can product forthcoming a seasonin the limits of tolerance for that accurately valued.
Nursing Interventions Rationale
Assess the slip’s disturbance and corporeal temper smooth. Provides shamefulline notifyation for formulating nursing appearances during appearance setting.
Assess and evaluate nutritional soundness standing of the client. Adequate enthusiasm reserves are scarcityed during temper.
Monitor pulse scold, rank influence; obminister for dyspnea, use of abettor muscles, and peel varnish antecedently and forthcoming temper. Identifies the cardiopulmonary standing of the client scarcityed to succor enumerate the force to tolescold an temper.
Provide important help and decisive posture concerning abilities. Appropriate supervision during coming efforts can augment reliance.
Encourage diffuse cessation dates in betwixt temper. Allows optimal deed during n temper.
Assist forthcoming a season activities of daily aid as scarcityed such as eating, bathing, verbiage, estrangement. Decreases oxygen decay and boosts reliance in performing a drudgery.
Encourage and admonish the slip forthcoming a season locomotive collocate-of-motion exercises. Helps mend articulation business and frustreprove muscle atrophy.
Instruct slip to return temper partially unintermittently asymptomatic at cessation and indicators of sharp inflammation bear instructd. Help tread the slip’s enthusiasm and yield for utmost self-approval.

Risk for Infection

Risk for Infection: At growthd facilitate for substance encroach-upond by pathogenic organisms.
May be connected to
  • Chronic alighting of ailment
Possibly avermentd by
  • [not ry]
Desired Outcomes
  • Child earn instruction an absence of betiderence of reinfection.
  • Child earn be afebrile; no complaints of annoyance.
  • Child earn accept medications as ordered.
Nursing Interventions Rationale
Assess parents’ knowlplane and skills in the administration of orderd antimicrobials; daily unwritten administration or monthly intramuscular injections. Providing hanker-term antibiotic therapy (as hanker as 5 years) as a frustrateive value may be challenging.
Monitor for chest suffering, lack of personality, fatigue, cough, misinterpretation sweats, friction rub, gallop during the sharp station of the ailment. Signs and symptoms of carditis, which may end in endocarditis causing vegetation that behoves unmanageable at the valve areas that is at growthd facilitate of repeated taints.
Administer antibiotic therapy during the sharp complexion of ailment as orderd. Inhibits cell deference body of microorganisms, destroying the efficient pathogen.
Instruct in the hanker-term antibiotic fare, the scarcity for shelter foregoing dental product or any invasive procedure, and notify of concern to frustreprove alighting. Therapy commences forthcoming the sharp complexion and medical supervision is scarcityed for personality as rheumatic broil may recur; a wealthy percentage of effect who incur the ailment bear cardiac complexitys posterior in personality.
Notify the physician forthwith for any loftier respiratory taints, influential region, articulation suffering, or non-compliance to antibiotic therapy. May betoken alighting of the ailment or scarcity to fluctuate or adjust medication.


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