Term Paper Health Economics 1 answer below »

Hello i have term paper, from 5 to 6 pages as you see belowdue on March 15.2013
Term Paper Health Economics.
You have to write about these topics
1) Long term care in Sweden:
Write about the long-term system. What is it? How does it work? Who pays for it? Who gets insurance? As much as you can.
2) Swedish National Insurance Board:
-this is the board that is in charge of giving healthcare in Sweden. Again, write as much as possible on this board. What is it? What does it cover? Who qualifies for care? Here is a link that should get you started:
3) The Abortion Act of Sweden: This is the law that tells all about abortion in Sweden.
4) Passive Euthanasia in Sweden: This is the thing about helping people who are very sick and want to die.

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Term Paper Health Economics 1 answer below »
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