The behavioral Organization is a nonprofit Organization that receives grants from foundations…

Building an Ethical Organization Part 1
In order to be an ethical organization, the Organization must provide a sense of the values that it adopts and stands for. The company must have a set of standards and values that provides guidance in making choices beyond the silo of technical analysis. This set of standards and values should provide guidance to the company’s employees in thinking through the consequences of their actions and the underlying values that those decisions represent. The values should help provide guidance in facing tough dilemmas. Ethical values should also outline what it means for an individual to a member of that organization. The process of the mission statement assists us to show what our organization is all about and our true value to our clients and employees. When a difficult decision is present, our mission statement makes it clearer in what ways to take action, by letting us see our values and the reason of existence of our organization. “Values are beliefs which the organization’s members hold in common and endeavor to put into practice. The values show the organization’s members the way to carry out or complete their work. Examples of values are commitment to excellent services, innovation, diversity, creativity, honesty, and integrity”, just to name a few.
Services the Organization provides
The behavioral Organization is a nonprofit Organization that receives grants from foundations who have large equity funds the nonprofit Behavioral Organization provides complete Mental Health Services to the elder, families and children and is also a specialized provider of intensive needs services such as Assertive Community Treatment Services and Community-Based Hospitalization Services. Our staff is made up of Licensed Psychiatrists, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Registered Nurses, Licensed Professional Counselors and Qualified Mental Health Professionals trained in serving Individuals and Families. The Behavioral organization also specializes in providing Psychosocial Rehabilitation Skills Training, Supportive Employment Services and Sleep Study and Assessment Services. The Behavioral Organization provides Mental Health, Integrated Primary Care, Sleep Assessment, and Detoxification Services for Adult, Children, and Families. Specializing in Intensive Community-Based Support Services, such as Assertive community Treatment Services and Community based hospitalization services; we are staffed with a full Team of Licensed Psychiatrists, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants. The best care is given here. The Behavioral Organization also strives to meet the essential needs of mentally disabled homeless and low income residents, giving them food, clothing, health services, counseling and social services. When needed, the organization also gives information for emergency shelter.
Mission Statement
“A Mission statement is a precise description of what an organization does. It should describe the business the organization is in. It is a definition of “why” the organization exists currently. Each member of an organization should be able to verbally express this mission.”
Our Mission statement isto assist persons with mental disabilities and their relatives to enjoy productive lives, inclusion and self-respect through active help and encouragement, education and support.
Our Organizations mission statement tells our community that our Organizations goal is to make them feel comfortable and teach them how to live a better life regardless of their mental disability. By providing the education and support needed to achieve this goal. The mission statement assures that the organization will keep growing through the cost producing results and value striving services. With the education the mentally disabled clients receive as a result will be treated by society with respect and will be able to participate in activities involving people that do not have any disabilities. The mentally disabled clients will gain the confidence to live a much better and happier life in striving for its mission the Behavioral Organization will run every activity with the health, education, and welfare of all mentally disabled as their highest priority. Manage a program that is an necessary part of the educational system, with the mentally disabled student taking part in the Organizations plans, and by maintaining good standing with the financially, fiscally responsible programs that will provide the financial stability needed for the effectiveness of the programs.
Values Statement
“Effective organizations identify and develop a clear, concise and shared meaning of values, beliefs, priorities, and direction so that everyone understands and can contribute. Once defined, values impact every aspect of your organization” being honest, respectful of patient’s privacy, and regarding staff, volunteers and patients with consideration and making a commitment to giving excellent non discriminatory services is our value statement. The value statement reminds our employees that honesty is possibly the easiest to see ethical principle and the one that when not followed, most quickly ruins the way in which an organization is viewed by the community. An example of honesty would be to use the money given to the organization for purposes specified before the donation was made keeping this promise even when situations change. The value statement is ensuring that employees will protect patient’s confidentiality and privacy. Along with treating employees, volunteers, and clients with respect: The organization should not be involved in treating people differently through prejudice or threatening or tormenting behavior. The Behavioral Organization and its employees will continue to have a great level of ethical and moral standards.
An Organization needs to have a mental focus on ethical issues; an organization that does not have an unambiguous ethical direction can lose the trust of the community, ruin the clients’ interests, and unintentionally harm the whole organizations sector. An Organization with a clear code of ethics, on the contrary, can focus on its mission and finish the good works it is set up to do. The Behavioral Organizations aim is to have all employees be in a normal way honest and trustworthy as possible. The mission statement lets our community know who we are and what we do as an Organization. Our values are very important to us because they shape the personality of our organization; Values influence how we work, the services we give, and our support of our people and their communities.

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The behavioral Organization is a nonprofit Organization that receives grants from foundations…
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