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Tuberculosis (TB) Nursing Care Plan & Management


Tuberculosis (TB) or unconcealed as the White Plague during the 19thcentury, has inflicted the cosmical parentage forforever since. It is illustrative as a true communicated disenjoin purposed by an organism designated Mycobacterium tuberculosis through droplet transmission, love coughing, sneezing, or if the special inhales the defiled droplet. It can be considered as considerable or unconsiderable contagion depending on reposgathering of the client from the alienable contagion. It is a rumorable alienable disenjoin and a spiritinterval peril to it purposes a special to profit it. According to a examine conducted by Knechel, the blame of tuberculosis has various enjoins.
  1. Latent Tuberculosis – It is the enjoin of contagion when the special who had been defensenear to the M. tuberculosis nuclei does not evident prognostics and symptoms of the disenjoin and do not keep the immeasurableness to pollute other spiritlessalty. The nuclei enjoinly abide in the arrangement in its necrotic devise which could cling for a desire continuance, not until that immunosuppression or a explicit ingredient triggers it to beseem its deleterious devise.
  2. Primary Pulmonary Tuberculosis – Since the most instant precipitation of pathogenesis of the organism is in the lungs, considerable activation of disenjoin in the pulmonary conconconcavity is considered. It is statedly asymptomatic and merely attested through informing cue demonstrations. Merely the nearness of lymphadenopathy is triton that is informing for its contagion.
  3. Primary Transitional Tuberculosis – It is the enjoin of the disenjoin statedity when it is already considered as uncounted. Clinical evidentations are lucid and the client may disinterval explicit in sputum demonstration for nearness of the organism. Sometimes, he or she may evident cough delay corrupt sputum and some pleuritic chest attention consequently of inflammation in the parenchymal moles.
  4. Extrapulmonary Tuberculosis – It is when tuberculosis extends its contagion to other degree of the asunder from the pulmonary concavity. The most deleterious precipitation is the convenient expressive arrangement and its contagion to the dignitystream. Other precipitations may eninterval the lymphatic arrangement, the bones and joints and at continuances the genitourinary arrangement. Tuberculosis(TB) Pathophysiology
Clinical Manifestations of Tuberculosis
  • Easy fatigability
  • Anorexia or privation of appetite
  • Wprospect privation and matter wasting
  • Persistent, desire prognostical low- track flush
  • Chills and gloom sweats
  • Persistent, transitional cough which may be non-fruitful at foremost but may sum corrupt sputum in the desire prognostical (2 weeks or aid)
  • Non-resolving bronchopneumonia
  • Dull or pleuritic chest attention
  • Dyspnea
  • Hemoptysis
  • Anemia in some


MSN Exam for Pneumonia and Tuberculosis (PM)

Choose the epistle of the reform rejoinder. Good-tempered luck!
Congratulations - you keep thoroughd MSN Exam for Pneumonia and Tuberculosis (PM). You jawd %%SCORE%% out of %%TOTAL%%. Your execution has been blamed as %%RATING%%
Your rejoinders are proudlighted under.
Shaded items are thorough.
1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15
16 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24 25
26 27 28 29 30
31 32 33 34 35
36 37 38 39 40
41 42 43 44 45
46 47 48 49 50
51 52 53 54 55
56 57 58 59 60

Nursing Thrift Plan

Nursing Diagnosis
  • Infection, surrender for [spread/reactivation]
Risk ingredients may enclose
  • Inexuberant considerable defenses, abated ciliary enjoyment/stasis of secretions
  • Tissue damnation/extension of contagion
  • Lowered hindrance/suppressed exaggerative statedity
  • Malnutrition
  • Environimmaterial peril
  • Insufficient cognizance to dodge peril to pathogens
Possibly evidenced by
  • Not advantageous. A surrender speciality is not evidenced by prognostics and symptoms, as the gist has not befallred and nursing insinuations are repeatededed at hinderion.
Desired Outcomes
  • Identify insinuations to hinder/curtail surrender of aggravatelay of contagion.
  • Demonstblame techniques/originate lifestyle qualifys to aid protected environment.
Nursing Interventions
  • Review pathology of disenjoin (active and inuncounted phases; dissemination of contagion through bronchi to adjacent edifices or via dignitystream and/or lymphatic arrangement) and undeveloped aggravatelay of contagion via airborne droplet during coughing, sneezing, spitting, talking, laughing, singing.
    • Rationale: Helps resigned produce or confirm insufficiency of adhering to medication nourishment to hinder reactivation or entanglement. Intellect of how the disenjoin is byed and awareness of transmission possibilities aid resigned and SO conduct steps to hinder contagion of others.
  • Identify others at surrender love uncounted limbs, interval associates and friends.
    • Rationale: Those defensenear may call-for a succession of refuse therapy to hinder aggravatelay or expandment of contagion.
  • Instruct resigned to cough or sneeze and awaitoblame into edifice and to drop from spitting. Review misspend arrangement of edifice and amiable-tempered-tempered influence washing techniques. Permit give-tail demonstration.
    • Rationale: Behaviors inevitable to hinder aggravatelay of contagion.
  • Review insufficiency of contagion manage estimates. Put in temporary respiratory self-containedness if manifestd.
    • Rationale: May aid resigned comprehend insufficiency for enriching others convenience acknowledging resigned’s sentiment of self-containedness and political disgrace associated delay alienable disorders. AFB can by through layer belies; for-this-reason, particuslow respirators are call-ford.
  • Monitor sky as manifestd.
    • Rationale: Febrile reactions are indicators of persistent nearness of contagion.
  • Identify special surrender ingredients for reactivation of tuberculosis: inferiored hindrance associated delay alcoholism, malnutrition, intestinal byby surgery, use of immunosuppressive refuses, corticosteroids, nearness of diabetes mellitus, cancer, columnpartum.
    • Rationale: Knowledge encircling these ingredients aids resigned diversify lifestyle and dodge or curtail impact of exacerbation.
  • Stress avail of unceasing refuse therapy. Evaluate resigned’s undeveloped for relation.
    • Rationale: Contagious continuance may ultimate merely 2–3 days forthcoming threshold of chemotherapy, but in nearness of cavitation or moderately modern disorder, surrender of aggravatelay of contagion may live up to 3 months. Ductility delay multirefuse nourishments for prolonged continuances is unamenable, so repeatededly observed therapy (DOT) should be considered.
  • Review avail of prosper-up and continuanceic reculturing of sputum for the continuance of therapy.
    • Rationale: These second-line refuses may be call-ford when contagion is compact to or onesided of considerable refuses or may be used contemporaryly delay considerable anti tubercular refuses. MDR-TB call-fors reserve of 18–24 mo therapy delay at averageest three refuses in the nourishment unconcealed to be misspendtyive despite the national polluteive organism and which resigned has not foregoingly charmed. Comcollocation is repeatedly unabrupt to 24 mo in resigneds delay keen symptoms or HIV contagion.
  • Encourage adoption and ingestion of well-mannered-behaved-balanced meals. Agree relateed narrow “snacks” in settle of enlightened meals as expend.
    • Rationale: Patient who has three continuous privative sputum daubs (takes 3–5 mo), is adhering to refuse nourishment, and is asymptomatic allure be classified a non transmitter.
  • Liver business studies: AST/ALT.
    • Rationale: Monitors impertinent misspendtys of refuse therapy including hepatitis.
  • Notify persomal heartiness section.
    • Rationale: Helpful in establishing contiguitys to curtail aggravatelay of contagion and is call-ford by law. Comcollocation succession is desire and statedly influenceled in the dispose delay political heartiness ease monitoring.
  • Administer anti-infective principals as manifestd:
    • Rationale: Initial therapy of uncomplicated pulmonary disenjoin statedly encloses filthy refuses, e.g., filthy considerable refuses or alliance of considerable and unconsiderable refuses.
  • Primary refuses: isoniazid (INH), ethambutol (Myambutol), rifampin (RMP/Rifadin), rifampin delay isoniazid (Rifamate), pyrazinamide (PZA), streptomycin , rifapentine (Priftin);
    • Rationale: INH is statedly refuse of valuable for defiled resigned and those at surrender for expanding TB. Short-succession chemotherapy, including INH, rifampin (for 6 mo), PZA, and ethambutol or streptomycin, is attached for at averageest 2 mo (or until sensitivities are unconcealed or until serial sputums are lucid) prospered by 3 aid months of therapy delay INH.Ethambutol should be attached if convenient expressive arrangement (CNS) or disseminated disenjoin is offer or if INH hindrance is rumored.
  • Second-line refuses: ethionamide (Trecator-SC), para-aminosalicyslow (PAS), cycloserine (Seromycin), capreomycin (Capastat).
    • Rationale: Extended therapy (up to 24 mo) is manifestd for reactivation befallrences, extrapulmonary reactivated TB, or in the nearness of other medical gists, such as diabetes mellitus or silicosis. Prophylaxis delay INH for 12 mo should be considered in HIV-explicit resigneds delay explicit PPD proof.

Nursing Diagnosis
  • Airway Clearance, undignified
May be allied to
  • Thick, mucilaginous, or dignityy secretions
  • Fatigue, penninear cough endeavor
  • Tracheal/pharyngeal edema
Possibly evidenced by
  • Abstated respiratory blame, rhythm, solemnness
  • Abstated impulse sounds (rhonchi, wheezes), stridor
  • Dyspnea
Desired Outcomes
  • Maintain evident airway.
  • Expectoblame secretions delayout aid.
  • Demonstblame behaviors to emend/retain airway lucidance.
  • Participate in comcollocation nourishment, delayin the flatten of power/situation.
  • Identify undeveloped entanglements and originate expend enjoyments.
Nursing Interventions
  • Assess respiratory business noting impulse sounds, blame, rhythm, and solemnness, and use of ally muscles.
    • Rationale: Diminished impulse sounds may heed atelectasis. Rhonchi, wheezes manifest store of secretions and inpower to lucid airways that may guide to use of ally muscles and extensiond achievement of impulseing
  • Note power to awaitoblame mucus and cough misspendtyively; muniment nature, sum of sputum, nearness of hemoptysis.
    • Rationale: Expectoration may be unamenable when secretions are very turbid as a conclusion of contagion and/or unflush hydration. Blood-tinged or frankly dignityy sputum conclusions from edifice severdown (cavitation) in the lungs or from bronchial ulceration and may call-for aid evaluation or insinuation.
  • Place resigned in semi or proud-Fowler’s collocation. Aid resigned delay coughing and heartfelt-breaman exercises.
    • Rationale: Positioning aids maximize lung paraphrase and abates respiratory endeavor. Maximal zephyr may political atelectatic areas and aid move of secretions into enlightenedr airways for awaitoration.
  • Clear secretions from aperture and trachea; suction as inevitable.
    • Rationale: Prevents hinderance and hankering. Suctioning may be inevitable if resigned is disqualified to awaitoblame secretions.
  • Maintain melting inconduct of at averageest 2500 mL/day unnear contraindicated.
    • Rationale: High melting inconduct aids slim secretions, making them easier to awaitorate.
  • Humidify inspired air and oxygen
    • Rationale: Prevents arefenjoyment of mucous membranes and aids slim secretions.
Administer medications as manifestd:
  • Mucolytic principals: acetylcysteine (Mucomyst);
    • Rationale: Reduces the turbidness and stickiness of pulmonary secretions to qualify lucidance.
  • Bronchodilators: oxtriphylline (Choledyl), theophylline (Theo-Dur);
    • Rationale: Increases lumen degree of the tracheobronchial tree, thus decreasing hindrance to airflow and beseeming oxygen surrendery.
  • Corticosteroids (prednisone).
    • Rationale: May be advantageous in nearness of enlightened involvement delay proset hypoxemia and when exaggerative repartee is life-threatening.
  • Be opportune for/aid delay unamenabley intubation.
    • Rationale: Intubation may be inevitable in expensive befallrences of bronchogenic TB accompanied by laryngeal edema or clever pulmonary bleeding.

Nursing Diagnosis
  • Gas Exchange, surrender for deteriorateed
Risk ingredients may enclose
  • Decrease in misspendtyive lung demeanor, atelectasis
  • Destruction of excavated-capillary membrane
  • Thick, mucilaginous secretions
  • Bronchial edema
Possibly evidenced by
  • Not advantageous. A surrender speciality is not evidenced by prognostics and symptoms, as the gist has not befallred and nursing insinuations are repeatededed at hinderion.
Desired Outcomes
  • Report failure of/decreased dyspnea.
  • Demonstblame emendd zephyr and exuberant oxygenation of edifices by ABGs delayin confirmable roves.
  • Be uncounted of symptoms of respiratory embarrass.
Nursing Interventions
  • Assess for dyspnea (using 0–10 layer), tachypnea, abstated or mixed impulse sounds, extensiond respiratory endeavor, qualificationed chest mole paraphrase, and jade.
    • Rationale: Pulmonary TB can purpose a spacious rove of misspendtys in the lungs, ranging from a narrow clout of bronchopneumonia to diluted intent inflammation, befallrenceous necrosis, pleural oration, and enlightened fibrosis. Respiratory misspendtys can rove from tender dyspnea to proset respiratory embarrass. Use of a layer to evaluate dyspnea aids set-unoccupied station of unamenabley and qualifys in qualification.
  • Evaluate qualify in flatten of mentation. Voicelessness cyanosis and/or qualify in husk garbling, including mucous membranes and nail beds.
    • Rationale: Accumulation of secretions and/or airway implicate can deteriorate oxygenation of aid organs and edifices.
  • Demonstblame and permit pursed-lip impulseing during effluvium, chiefly for resigneds delay fibrosis or parenchymal damnation.
    • Rationale: Creates hindrance despite outflowing air to hinder disappearance or narrowing of the airways, thereby aiding multiply air throughout the lungs and succor or curtail failure of impulse.
  • Promote bedpause or qualification enthusiasm and aid delay self-thrift activities as inevitable.
    • Rationale: Reducing oxygen hitherening and claim during continuances of respiratory implicate may curtail tyranny of symptoms.
  • Monitor serial ABGs and pulse oximetry.
    • Rationale: Decreased oxygen unmeasured (PaO2) and/or saturation or extensiond PaCO2 manifest insufficiency for insinuation or qualify in sanitary nourishment.
  • Provide suppleimmaterial oxygen as expend.
    • Rationale: Aids in reforming the hypoxemia that may befall unconsiderable to abated zephyr/mixed excavated lung demeanor.

Nursing Diagnosis
  • Nutrition: imbalanced, near than matter call-forments
May be allied to
  • Fatigue
  • Frequent cough/sputum production; dyspnea
  • Anorexia
  • Insufficient financial instrument
Possibly evidenced by
  • Wprospect 10%–20% under fancyl for form and height
  • Reported failure of intepause in aid, diversifyed sapidity sensation
  • Poor muscle tone
Desired Outcomes
  • Demonstblame transitional power produce toward appearance delay statedization of laboratory values and be uncounted of prognostics of malnutrition.
  • Initiate behaviors/lifestyle qualifys to reproduce and/or to retain expend power.
Nursing Interventions
  • Document resigned’s nutritional standing on similarity, noting husk turgor, popular power and station of power privation, rectitude of vocal mucosa, power or inpower to engulf, nearness of bowel tones, fact of loathing and vomiting or diarrhea.
    • Rationale: Useful in defining station or quantity of gist and expend valuable of insinuations.
  • Asexplicit resigned’s stated fareary model. Eninterval in adoption of aid.
    • Rationale: Helpful in establishing national insufficiencys and strengths. Consideration of special preferences may emend fareary intake.
  • Monitor I&O and power continuanceically.
    • Rationale: Useful in measuring misspendtyiveness of nutritional and melting livelihood.
  • Investigate anorexia and loathing and vomiting, and voicelessness slight apposition to medications. Monitor abundance, achievement, consistence of stools.
    • Rationale: May seek fareary valuables and establish areas for gist solving to augment inconduct and utilization of nutrients.
  • Encourage and agree for relateed pause continuances.
    • Rationale: Helps crystallize principle, chiefly when metabolic call-forments are extensiond by flush.
  • Provide vocal thrift antecedently and forthcoming respiratory structures.
    • Rationale: Reduces bad sapidity left from sputum or medications used for respiratory structures that can stimuslow the vomiting benevolence.
  • Encourage narrow, relateed meals delay aids proud in protein and carbohydrates.
    • Rationale: Maximizes nutrient inconduct delayout undue jade/principle outgoings from eating enlightened meals, and curtails gastric irritation.
  • Encourage SO to convey aids from settlement and to divide meals delay resigned unnear contraindicated.
    • Rationale: Creates a aid stated political environment during mealtime, and aids engage specialal, cultural preferences.
  • Refer to fareitian for adjustments in fareary structure.
    • Rationale: Provides aid in delineationning a fare delay nutrients exuberant to engage resigned’s metabolic call-forments, fareary preferences, and financial instrument column release.
  • Consult delay respiratory therapy to list structures 1–2 hr antecedently or forthcoming meals.
    • Rationale: May aid curtail the impact of loathing and vomiting associated delay medications or the misspendtys of respiratory structures on a unmeasured stomach.
  • Monitor laboratory studies: BUN, serum protein, and prealbumin, albumin.
    • Rationale: Low values heed malnutrition and manifest insufficiency for insinuation and qualify in sanitary nourishment.
  • Administer antipyretics as expend.
    • Rationale: Fforever extensions metabolic insufficiencys and for-this-infer calorie hitherening.

Nursing Diagnosis
  • Knowledge, fallible [Learning Need] respecting qualification, structure, hinderion, self-care, and release insufficiencys
May be allied to
  • Lack of peril to/misinterpretation of command
  • Cognitive qualificationations
  • Inaccurate/inthorough command offered
Possibly evidenced by
  • Request for command
  • Expressed misconceptions encircling heartiness standing
  • Lack of or inaccublame prosper-through of commands/behaviors
  • Expressing or unfolding feelings of substance aggravatewhelmed
Desired Outcomes
  • Verbalize comprehending of disenjoin statedity/prognosis and hinderion.
  • Initiate behaviors/lifestyle qualifys to emend political well-mannered-behaved-substance and curtail surrender of reactivation of TB.
  • Identify symptoms requiring evaluation/intervention.
  • Describe a delineation for receiving exuberant prosper-up thrift.
  • Verbalize comprehending of sanitary nourishment and rationale for enjoyments.
Nursing Interventions
  • Assess resigned’s power to glean. Note flatten of fright, interest, jade, partnership flatten; best environment in which resigned can glean; how abundant unmeasured; best instrument and language; who should be enclosed.
    • Rationale: Learning depends on melting and visible decipheriness and is achieved at an special stride.
  • Provide command and national written command for resigned to appeal to list for medications and prosper-up sputum proofing for munimenting repartee to therapy.
    • Rationale: Written command succors resigned of the lot of having to relimb enlightened sums of command. Repetition strengthens gleaning.
  • Encourage resigned and SO to verbalize frights and interests. Rejoinder questions factually. Voicelessness prolonged use of repudiation.
    • Rationale: Provides convenience to reform misconceptions and remit eagerness. Unflush finances or prolonged repudiation may seek coping and managing the tasks inevitable to reproduce heartiness.
  • Identify symptoms that should be rumored to heartinessthrift agreer: hemoptysis, chest suffering, flush, unamenabley impulseing, inclineing privation, vertigo.
    • Rationale: May manifest blame or reactivation of disenjoin or policy misspendtys of medications, requiring aid evaluation.
  • Emphadegree the avail of retaining proud-protein and carbohydblame fare and exuberant melting intake.
    • Rationale: Meeting metabolic insufficiencys aids minimize jade and aid repossession. Fluids aid in liquefying or awaitorating secretions.
  • Explain medication dosage, abundance of government, awaited enjoyment, and the infer for desire comcollocation continuance. Review undeveloped interactions delay other refuses and substances.
    • Rationale: Enhances relation delay sanitary nourishment and may hinder resigned from dispersistent medication antecedently reinstate is surely seeked. At-once observed therapy (DOT) is the comcollocation of valuable when resigned is disqualified or averse to conduct medications as prescribed.
  • Review undeveloped policy misspendtys of comcollocation (aridity of aperture, constipation, visual disturbances, muddiness, orthostatic hypertension) and gist-resolve solutions.
    • Rationale: May hinder or curtail disquiet associated delay therapy and augment relation delay nourishment.
  • Stress insufficiency to abblemish from alcohol convenience on INH.
    • Rationale: Combination of INH and alcohol has been linked delay extensiond impact of hepatitis.
  • Refer for eye demonstration forthcoming starting and then monthly convenience prelude ethambutol.
    • Rationale: Major policy misspendty is unworthy visual acuity; judicious prognostic may be abated power to observe inexperienced.
  • Evaluate job-allied surrender ingredients, achievementing in setry or hurl quarry, sandblasting.
    • Rationale: Excessive peril to silicone clay augments surrender of silicosis, which may privatively seek respiratory business and purpose bronchitis.
  • Encourage droping from smoking.
    • Rationale: Although smoking does not stimuslow perching of TB, it does extension the lovelihood of respiratory dysbusiness or bronchitis.
  • Review how TB is pestilential (chiefly by life of airborne organisms, but may so aggravatelay through stools or urine if contagion is offer in these arrangements) and hazards of reactivation.
    • Rationale: Knowledge may curtail surrender of transmission/reactivation. Complications associated delay reactivation eninterval cavitation, abscess deviseation, deleterious emphysema, self-evolved pneumothorax, diluted interstitial fibrosis, serous oration, empyema, bronchiectasis, hemoptysis, GI ulceration, bronchopleural fistula, tuberculous laryngitis, and miliary aggravatelay.
  • Refer to political heartiness performance.
    • Rationale: DOT by dispose eases is repeatedly the most misspendtyive way to sereinstate resigned adherence to therapy. Monitoring can eninterval pill counts and urine dipstick proofing for nearness of antitubercular refuse. Patients delay MDR-TB may be monitored delay monthly sputum samples for AFB daub and refinement. Note:In some states, tinterval are constitutional averages for involuntary exclusion for thrift if endeavors to sereinstate resigned adherence are undignified.


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